By: Thinking Citizen

There is a certain thing that we the citizens of the Federation have noticed and that is that the Team Unity Government has never mentioned that in actual fact it was the authority that gave permission for the conduct of Stem Cell Research at the JNF General Hospital in St.Kitts.
The Team Unity Government was terribly embarrassed as it was caught breaking its own laws after it had boasted far and wide that I would introduce an era of Good Governance in which there would be no room for corruption. Team Unity gave permission for Stem Cell Research to be conducted at the JNF General Hospital. Team Unity usurped the authority and the powers of the Medical Board which was the proper authority in law to deal with such matters.
Rumours making their rounds on the streets seem to suggest that the overseas promoters behind the Stem Cell Project had tried other islands first and had been turned down. The overseas promoters then came to St. Kitts and were accommodated and facilitated.
How come that a Government which boasted that it would be Open, Transparent, Accountable, Honest, Decent and Upright was caught breaking its own Laws and running foul of its own Rules and Regulations? I don’t know but some people who claim to know refer to the old saying: The love of money is the root of all evil.
I don’t know if it is true but people who claim to know say that after the Stem Cell Research Project was shut down by the Chief Medical Officer, the persons whose profits or rewards were terminated had engineered to have the Chief Medical Officer moved out of the way by the sending him on pre-retirement.
The Minister of Health who was Selected rather than Elected has been saying that Dr. Patrick Martin knew since the year before that he was supposed to have left his position in the Civil Service.
To that statement, I would like to put the following questions. Did the Government know as well as Dr. Martin that he was supposed to have left office since the year before? Why didn’t the Government send home Dr. Martin before the start of the Stem Cell Project? Why did he have to find out about the Stem Cell Project for himself?
In office, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris behaves as if he has more might and power than Almighty God. It is clear that Dr. Harris never believed that the Stem Cell Project was one that would work for the benefit of the entire nation and not just a few persons. If he believed that the Project would work for the good of the entire nation, he would have re-established the Project after it had been shut down by the CMO Martin.
Dr. Patrick Martin should be awarded for the honour of “National Hero” for he has shown by his righteous action that Team Unity cannot be trusted when it comes to such matters as Openness, Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Decency and Uprightness. These are just empty words used by Team Unity to catch the dull, the ignorant and the unwary.