We, the people of St.Kitts and Nevis, are living at a time and under circumstances that have most of us unaware of so many realities.

Take for example, the case of the current pandemic. It seems as though there was a recent breach of the inbound travel arrangements which may have resulted in two infected persons being at large and having made contact with an unknown number of persons.

Alas, not once did they come anywhere close to providing a satisfactory explanation as to why the breach occurred in the first place, and why it took them so long to disclose the occurrence.

Those failings have left a number of persons on edge, wondering if they had inadvertently been exposed to the carriers of the virus.

Truth be told- No government must not be allowed to get away with blowing facts on COVID – 19.

In fact, there are growing feelings among our people that the government is not telling the nation the  truth about the existence of the coronavirus in our community. The human mind works that way at times, and so amidst a pandemic all facts must be presented to the public timely and accurately at all times, leaving no room for doubt, confusion and worry.

Presently, St.Kitts-Nevis has been doing well in containing the virus, in accordance with the information shared by the health authorities.

For a long time there have been growing concerns that the island of Nevis has been abused as an entry point into the country.  Hence, efficient border control for both islands during this pandemic period is critical, and there is the responsibility of the government to do everything in its power to mend such a gaping hole.

Let not the potential danger to us the people of St. Kitts and Nevis, be a modern day version of “Nero fiddling while Rome burns”.

And that also holds true where the economy is concerned. Likewise in many other countries around the globe, things are financially challenging.

Several reputable international organizations have agreed that all countries are facing a long ascent out of the current economic circumstances.

It all began in the Federation, according to some of the watchdogs of democracy, with their (the government) quest to take one the country and its people and is for their personal aggrandizement of themselves, their families and their relatives.

Some individuals will happily express that our country was doing very well indeed in making great studies forward while others retrogressed. In the OECS we outperformed all of the other member states, being rated as number one in most areas of production and economic performance. Those same people now sing a different song that everything has gone into reverse relative to St. Kitts and Nevis.

They argue that the decline is directly traceable to the unrelenting campaign of outrageous lying and distortion of facts waged by a group of self – serving, power – hungry individuals.

It is the view of some people that through a sustained programme of false and misleading propaganda, the present government succeeded in destabilizing the social stability of St.Kitts-Nevis and destroying people’s confidence in the then government.

So the question is: Did they succeed in turning democracy on its head?

Around the globe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, we have all heard accounts and allegations of political drama.

At this time when our very lives depend on being healthy  in light of the virus, there is no room for a bubble of deceit to float about.

These critical times call for national leadership and management to steer along a healthy development course in a safeguard bubble.