By: Thinking Citizen

The Team Unity Government cannot match the Dr. Denzil Douglas Administration in terms of reasons and explanations given to the general public for governmental actions, policies and programmes.

For example, Team Unity took over the reins of government in February 2015 and shortly thereafter certain members of Team Unity were charged with dishonesty as they could not give, and have not given a full and proper account of the money donated as campaign funds and for which those persons in question were put in charge. Certainly, neither Dr. Douglas nor anyone in his cabinet has ever been accused or suspected of stealing or misusing sums of money donated as campaign funds.

Robert Bradshaw, Lee L. Moore and E. St. John Payne respectively all built their own private residence with funds which they provided personally regardless of any help from the government.

It has not been the same insofar as politicians of other parties are concerned.

It has been said that politicians in other ruling parties have put their hands on government funds with which to fortify or to improve their private homes without first obtaining the permission of the government to use its funds.

The government had publicised the fact that in recent times it has had certain discussions with a certain overseas group concerning the matter of stem cell research here in St.Kitts.

The first time the matter came up, the government denied the fact that it had given permission for stem cell research to be carried out in St.Kitts. Even the most intelligent ones among us could not understand what the government itself was saying.

Even cabinet ministers could not understand precisely what government itself was saying as one cabinet minister was saying one thing while another cabinet minister was saying another and different thin. All we know for sure is that the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) was fired from his job.

The Venezuelans gave the government of St.Kitts-Nevis a second grant of funds to be used to compensate the sugar workers who lost their jobs because of the closure of the sugar industry. The Team Unity Government at first said that the grant was in US currency and then, on the other hand, Team Unity said that the grant was in EC currency.

Again, as usual, one cabinet minister said that the grant was in US currency while another cabinet minister said that the grant was in EC currency. You see the Team Unity Government cannot talk straight.

During the period when Bradshaw was Premier of St.Kitts-Nevis, the government received a first payment and then a second payment from Canada for sugar sold to that country. The price of sugar had risen on the world market during the negotiations for the sale of the sugar to Canada.

Bradshaw did not fool anybody. Bradshaw saved the full amount of the second payment and used the money subsequently to form the basis for the Social Security Scheme. You see, Bradshaw was a straight man and he talked straight.

Certain local organisations have been asking Team Unity just to divulge the names of all the persons who received payment from the money granted to Team Unity to compensate the sugar workers who lost their jobs as a result of the closure of the sugar industry.

So far Team Unity has not responded to that request for information. The story making the rounds is that members of certain families in Tabernacle were paid compensation money although they retired in the 1970s and 1980s long before the sugar industry was closed.

We are living in an age where highly intelligent and professional civil servant cannot be known to be supporters of Truth, Honesty, Decency, Equity and Decorum. To be known as such is to bring down the wrath of the Public Service Commission (PSC) upon your shoulders.

The PSC functions nowadays as the personal and obedient puppet of the Team Unity Government.

When Team Unity cannot direct the lives of certain civil servants, it simply sets the PSC on them to get them out of the way. Team Unity does not arrive at practices and policies by a process of logic and common sense but by stumbling upon such policies and practices.