In other words, there are workers in the Caribbean who do not enjoy decent working conditions as prescribed by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
It is common knowledge that the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) is driven by the core values as established by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
Those of us who are able must continue the struggle started first by our forebears many moons ago to safeguard our gains. They also had to fight to ensure that more governments employers and workers understand and implement the same principles and philosophy espoused by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Decent Work Agenda (DWA).
The truth is, the United Nations (UN) has already taken the first step in that direction by recognizing that the realization of Decent Work is very critical to achieving sustainable development.

Furthermore, the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) fully believes that decent employment, job security, quality education and training/retraining, increased levels of equality, safe workplaces, and an adequate social safety net make up the foundation for creating quality life.

Would you believe if I tell you that the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union was one of the founding architect of the Caribbean Labour Congress (CLC) now rename the Caribbean Labour Congress (CCL). It is no wonder that the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union fully believes in the same principles as those of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL).
However, our commitment to the well-being of workers is and still continues to be unwavering and in the whole process we pledge to only form alliances with those whose interests intersect with our own.

Accordingly, the Trade Union Movement will continue to demand a place (seat) at the table with Governments, Employers and other Stake Holders at the National, Regional and International level to ensure that the interest of all workers are properly articulated and represented in social and economic policies and the legal framework.

It is also common understanding that the Trade Union Movement are committed to ensuring that Caribbean workers get their fair share in the global marketplace, specifically that their rights are respected, their income and benefits are adequate, that their families have secure benefits, and that they can work and retire with freedom and dignity.

As time is of the utmost importance, we shall stop here for today, but will continue in a future article by looking at the importance of Trade Unions.

As I end here for today, I leave you with a quote by Pope Paul V!!, and a Union song.
“The important role of Union organizations must be admitted: Their object is the representation of the various categories of workers, their lawful collaboration in the economic advance of society, and the development of the sense of their responsibility for the realization of the common good.” – Pope Paul V!!.

I’m Proud To Be Union

It’s obvious now that times are hard,
Our nation’s image is deeply scarred,
The Government gives the Unions blame,
And too many of us accept the shame.
Instead of applying the things we’ve learned,
We take for granted what our forefathers earned.
Our newest enemy is our Sisters and Brothers.
Ignorance says we fight each other.
These back-stabbing people are so confused,
They’re NOT UNION MEMBERS; they just pay their dues,
Members don’t tell on their Brothers/Sisters, man
Or refuse to help when they know they can!
It’s easy to talk, to complain and cuss,
But our Union’s future depends on us!!
We can put dignity back in our label.
It won’t be easy, but I know we’re able,
Being strong takes more than a few,
It takes everyone, and that includes YOUA and ME!!!
Let’s ALL be proud to be UNION!