This Clueless Government!


By: Thinking Citizen

We, the people of this country, have noticed that the longer the Team Unity government stays in power, the worse becomes the situation regarding Crime and Violence.

We notice also that as the situation gets worse and worse, the tendency is for Team Unity to blame Dr. Douglas and the past Labour Party government and to put forward all sorts of silly childish and incredible reasons for Team Unity’s failure to stem the rising tide of Crime and Violence.

What excuse can Team Unity really make for its incapacity to deal effectively with the Crime and Violence situation? The only excuse that Team Unity can make is that Team Unity is helpless, hopeless and clueless.

We all remember that while in the state of opposition, Team Unity said that Commissioner of Police Walwyn, Prime Minister Douglas and the entire Labour Party government are unable to deal with the problem of Crime and Violence for they do not know what to do. Team Unity knows what to do and will bring Crime and Violence under control.

Team Unity is now in government for over two (2) years and crime and violence have skyrocketed faster than ever. This has caused Team Unity to panic and to run hither thither and yon trying to find every incredible excuse with which to fool the people.

The latest excuses that Team Unity is giving the people is that the present level of Crime and Violence was not reached overnight but took some twenty (20) years to reach where it is today.

That is simply not true. Crime and Violence had their beginning shortly after the general elections of 1966 when the subversive elements in St. Kitts and Nevis began to smuggle in arms and ammunitions in preparation for invasion of June 1967.

So we suffered from the terrorist attack of 10th June 1967. This was followed years later by the murder of Police Officer Jude Matthew and by the son of Sydney Morris and the son’s girlfriend. There was an era under PAM that was so violent that is caused St. Kitts to earn the unenviable title “Devil’s Island”.

I will not even talk about the disappearance of Ambassador Dr. William Herbert. All I would say is that Dr. Douglas became Prime Minister in 1995 and brought a new name and a new beginning to the island of St. Kitts.

The members of Team Unity have so lost track of reality that they are counting as twenty (20) years the period from 10th June 1967 to 15th February 2015.

Unlike the members of Team Unity when Dr. Douglas took over as Prime Minister in 1995, he neither grumbled nor complained but set to work to cleanse the name of St. Kitts from “Devil’s Island”.

So the situation in St. Kitts/Nevis is that we have a government in power that has not been able to provide much of what it promised the people while it was in opposition.