TDC Warren C. Tyson Memorial Scholarship Awardees seen with their parents and TDC officials (Spokesman Snap)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 11th September 2020) – With challenges brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) including the loss of jobs, two parents of two recipients of the 2020 Warren C Tyson Memorial Scholarship Programme, provided by TDC Group of Companies Ltd , in speaking to this media house, have expressed relief for such assistance at this time.

On Saturday 5th September, the 39th annual induction ceremony was held at the TDC Training Room at its head office located on Fort Street.

Eight new high school students in St. Kitts-Nevis were inducted into the Warren C. Tyson Memorial Scholarship Award Programme provided by TDC Group of Companies Ltd while eight others were recognized as the runners-up for the TDC Financial Services Academic Excellence Award.

The awardees are as follows:  Zeleequa Rivers (Charlestown Primary) – Charlestown Secondary School , Victoria Jarrett (Joycelyn Liburd Primary)- Gingerland Secondary School from Nevis as well as Shaville Hodge (Dr. William Connor)- Basseterre High School, Devonje Stokes (Cayon Primary)- Cayon High School, Jovin Leader (St. Paul’s Primary)- Charles E. Mills Secondary  School, Kizora Richardson (Estridge Primary)-Saddlers Secondary School, K’Shaun Howe( Tyrell Williams Primary)- Verchilds High School and Amandeus Woodley (Beach Allen Primary)-Washington Archibald High School.

The Runners-up are: Dekoia Mills (Ivor Walters Primary)-Charlestown Secondary School, Taliah Claxton (Joycelyn Liburd Primary)- Gingerland Secondary School from Nevis and also Adamina Kelly (Deane-Glasford Primary)- Basseterre High School, Arianha Mitchum (Violet Petty Primary)-Cayon High School, Devante Walters (Newton Ground Primary)- Charles E. Mills Secondary  School, Lavonna Boddie (Edgar T. Morris Primary), Josiah James (Bronte Welsh Primary)- Verchilds High School and Tanijah Brazier (Dr. William Connor Primary)- Washington Archibald High School.

Following the ceremony, this media house spoke with the two parents who happened to have been employed in the tourism sector.

Here is what they had to say:

Shelita Richards and her son K’Shaun Howe(Spokesman Snap)

Shelita Richards (Mother of 12-year-old K’Shaun Howe) -“I’m feeling excited because he has never had this opportunity to win a scholarship. I feel excited, proud, and happy because I never really had this moment here so I’m thankful for it for my son. To be honest although he is my child, I can say proudly that he is a good fellow. He has graduated from primary school and is going off to high school now and he’s going to be among a lot of different children. I just don’t want him to lead astray; I want him to have his own mind and be a leader and not a follower with a great concept of what he wants in life and school and I just want him to keep up the good work.  A big shout out to TDC; kudos to you guys! I’m unemployed at the moment and this has really taken a strain off my shoulders and…I could put that money towards something else.”

Ellery Rivers and his daughter Zeleequa Rivers(Spokesman Snap)

Ellery Rivers (Father of 11-year-old Zeleequa Rivers) – I’m very much excited. I mean  these are hard times so this assistance from TDC will definitely level my playing field at this moment because I’m a taxi driver and I’m out of work since March so this definitely lift a burden off my chest. My daughter is very quiet and she is very passionate as well. I’ve been around her from inception until now and once I’m there, she’s willing to go the extra mile. I’m very grateful to TDC but nonetheless I always shop at TDC so this is like a win-win but again I’m very, very grateful.

When further asked what advice he has for other fathers, he shared: “My advice to other fathers is just be there. Whatever is happening whether it’s a school event or sport event, just show up; your presence is needed definitely. I’ve been doing it from day one and I wouldn’t stop even if I have to cut my job short, I will definitely be there for my kids.”

Meanwhile Group Senior Human Resources Officer Gloria Esdaille, during an interview with this publication, commented on the company’s focus to continue its programme despite challenges brought on by the pandemic. 

“The standard remains the same for our new inductees for the 2020 scholarship year. While it has been a challenging year COVID-19 has brought many changes…TDC group has committed  to continuing to support our nation’s youth and today’s ceremony was more than significant of that commitment  to our countries . Furtherance of our youth country’s development; a commitment to see the next generation of talents being developed.”

TDC Financial Services Academic Excellence Award runners-up seen with top TDC officials including Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Earle Kelly, second from left (Spokesman Snap)