Those of us in Labour who know Timothy Harris were not at all surprised at what he said and what he did not say at his town hall meeting last Sunday.

What Timothy does not seem to realise is that this is 2018.  Not 2013, 2014, 2015 or even 2016.

After having been elected on the promise to lock up Douglas for every conceivable ill under the sun, and full three years after the only person who seems to be embroiled in scandal after scandal after scandal is Timothy, the intelligentsia who were expecting so much from him feel nothing but shame and embarrassment.

All the NGO’s, all those who portrayed themselves as the conscience of the society, all those who jumped unto the Unity bandwagon have nothing but shame and embarrassment to show for their conviction that Douglas was wrong about Timothy.


I know this because many of them have come to me in disbelief.  Total disbelief.

They let the 16 million US/EC slide.  The Stem Cell, the Herpes, the Ren Baio scandals all were nine days talk.

But shoes and watch?


That one is too much.

And the lot of noise on Sunday did nothing to make them feel good.  Ask Dwyer.

These people wanted answers.  Not theatricals.

And after that performance, I do not think that there is any one in the federation who doesn’t belief that the T in TUIA stands for first and second Timothy.

I have never heard a leader of a government abuse his cabinet colleagues like that.

Muddoh!  Watch ponwud!

Mouth open and tory jump out.


Timothy let the whole world know that if it wasn’t for him, the clincher, Lindsay, Patches and Hamilton would never have won their seats.

But unlike Patches, who has remained unwaveringly loyal to him, strong in his support, Lindsay, Jonel and Mark preferred to hold secret meetings in a boat to try to unseat the “embarrassment” at the top.

I hear that positions were already been allocated.  Prime minister.  Deputy prime minister and attorney general.

According to Timothy, suits had already gone to be dry-cleaned for them to be sworn in as prime minister.

But he reminded them that none of them who were scheming could hold a candle of correction to him.

In other words, all of them in Team Unity just as corrupt as he.

Sad state of affairs for a government.

I was watching Wendy’s and Sidney Osbourne’s faces when he was making these pronouncements.  And while Mrs Huggins was nodding in agreement during Timothy’s tirade, Wendy and Sidney Osbourne seemed more than a little uneasy.

All when he was recounting that the members of PLP were asking him if he could trust them, i.e. PAM and CCM, Wendy and Sidney did not look happy at all.

He trusted the word of Vance, he said.  To date, he has not said that he trusted the word of Shawn, Lindsay or Eugene.

He trusted Patches for his strong support. But nothing of Mark.

And unlike other town hall meetings where the whole cabinet is present and apologies are made for those who are not, Timothy made it a point to let the whole world know that the ministers present were his supporters.

What a scalamity!

What classlessness!!

But one just cannot miss the irony.

Timothy, in three short years, has to be warding off a revolt of sorts against his prime ministership.

The same Timothy who was a main player in the revolt to unseat Douglas.

Douglas, after fifteen years.  Timothy, after three years.

Oh dear!  Oh my!

What goes around really comes around and harder.

Who would have thought that after three short years, members of the Team Unity cabinet would be trying to oust the leader because they just can’t take another scandal?

All who thought that Douglas grudged Timothy and wanted to hold on to power now see why Douglas was trying to keep power away from him.

We, in the federation, are faced with a serious problem.   But the solution to the problem is quite simple.

We have to vote out this “embarrassment” in the upcoming general elections.

Timothy himself has admitted that none of his cabinet colleagues has the moral authority to chastise him for his many wrongdoings.

In other words, none in the Team Unity cabinet is good for this federation.

So when those who went away want to come back home, we must open the front door for them.  We must welcome them back with open arms.

We must show Timothy and the rest of Team Unity that we are worth more than a nice watch, a pair of shoes and a bellyful.



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