William Dore (right) presents a cheque to Winston 'Zack' Nisbett (Spokesman Snap)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) – At age 94, William Dore- affectionately known as Willie-could share many stories and lessons about life but he is not one to brag about his helpfulness towards others since quietly making contributions to uplift others who are doing inspirational and commendable work within the community and country is part of his personality.

On the receiving end of his generosity most recently is well-known Cultural Preservationist Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett who has gotten a financial donation towards the operation of his cultural music band which consists of children who play guitars, banjos and fifes while Nisbett usually plays the shak-shak.

Nisbett is also the keeper of the Zack’s Historical and Cultural Museum located at Buckley’s site in Basseterre.

Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett seen with participants of the 2019 summer music workshop in August this year following the graduation ceremony (Spokesman Snap)

On Monday this week (25th November 2019), he (Nisbett) organised a spotlight recognition ceremony to express his gratitude at Dore’s home located at Shadwell Gardens where a  section of his living room wall is decorated with numerous plaques capturing his longstanding humanitarian efforts to his community, nation and we even further afield.

“I know him (Dore) as a head teacher, inspector of schools and other areas; a dignified personality. People tend to look at people and take them for granted not knowing the quality of life, and the quality of life is not money (but rather) it’s from your heart and what you do from within your heart, and all my work I’ve done is from my heart. What I do is from compassion. I didn’t know it have men with this kind of heart, and this is good because it shows to St.Kitts-Nevis…,” he told.

Nisbett, who was the first St. Kitts-Nevis awardee of the FirstCaribbean International Bank Unsung Hero programme in 2005, added: “I couldn’t help from doing this today. This to me is one of the biggest things in my life. I am so overjoyed. Mr. Dore says he don’t like publicity and these kind of things but I like transparency because even when I host the annual Easter Monday Aquatic Sports, I go on the radio and I publicise the contribution of the sponsors. This is a wonderful achievement and I would like the good Lord to keep Mr. Dore for a next hundred years,” he added.

Attending the event was the middle man contact of the contribution in the person of Rev. Canon Dwane Cassius of the Pro-Cathedral of St. George (formerly the St. George’s Anglican Church) who reached out to Nisbett on behalf of his church member Dore.

He expressed that it was a privilege to share in the small but very meaningful exchange that day.

“For brother Zack and Brother William to get to this point where they were able to connect and one can offer help…and brother William has been able to bless brother Zack in more than one ways I would say because as he has been indicating it goes beyond money and it’s a very good expression of good, sound Christian practice. You don’t have to be directly benefitting from something or someone in order to donate…”

He added: “Brother Dore has always had that sense of sharing; has been quite a philanthropist and so he continues up to as long as God will have him and enable him. It’s for me a double pleasure having one of our church members and a longtime friend way back to my diaper days (growing up in Carty Allley) to have both men linking up in this way and being able to benefit from each other in this way…”

Zack’s music band is expected to visit Dore’s home during the Christmas season.