The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is recruiting a hundred more young men and women into its ranks.  I am happy for that.  Happy because I should soon be seeing a police presence on every street corner in the federation.  Happy because the police presence should translate into the reduction and detection of crime.

And that is essentially all that we are asking of the police.  Reduce and detect crime.

But if the indifferent attitude that seems to pervade the force manifests itself in the new recruits, there will just be one hundred more of the same which would make me very unhappy.

So I await the arrival of these hundred new pairs of boots on the ground.

In the meantime, the murders continue.

Blowing out brains sort of murders which no longer make us shudder.Thanks to TIMES CARIBBEAN.

We have become so immune to gore that we could be eating and looking at human brain matter.

We have lost our soul.

And confidence in Team Unity.

As a result, the disappointed continue to vent their frustration on social media.  Disappointed that they had believed that a man who had been with Labour for eighteen years, a man who had acknowledged that he was not good enough to serve as national security minister would suddenly be gifted with the ability to curb crime.

That is why there is no plan.  That is why the buck has to stop with the commissioner of police.  That is why it has been trial and error with everything including crime since 16th February, 2015. “Make up as they go” as Hon. Marcella Liburd so correctly describes the strategy of the Team Unity government.

That is why one elected minister and one selected minister would have completely opposing views on one issue.  That is why the elected has been shut down by the selected to avoid these contradictions.

No plan.  No policy.  No clue.

Just like with the Basseterre High School.  Big talk.  Big protests.  Yet no viable location for the new state of the art BHS.

Contrast that to when Labour said that they would build a five star hotel and a thousand homes.

Surely, if Team Unity, while in opposition, could have obtained the list of the entire work force of the federation in order to know from whom to beg hefty donations, certainly acquiring a map of Basseterre with available, or the lack thereof of land space for the new BHS, state of the art to boot, would have been a cake walk for them.

But no.  Team Unity doesn’t want any cake walk.  That would be too easy for them.  They like the complicated for the complicated allows opportunities for corruption.  Which is what they want.

And that is why the country is in neutral if not in reverse.  Instead of looking at opportunities for the people, Team Unity is looking for opportunities for themselves.

Even if they have to set up their sisters with construction companies, they will do it.  Even if ministers have to set up building materials companies, they will do it.  Car rental.  Tent rental.  Just to name a few.

There is absolutely no economic activity that is taking place in the federation in which a minister in the Team Unity government is not involved.