PHOTO: Small Axe Band jamming through the streets of Basseterre for J’ouvert 2017 (official Sugar Mas photo)

By: Drizel Hanley

BASSETERE, St.Kitts (JANUARY, 2018)-Public debate stemming from Small Axe Band winning the 2017/2018 Road March title, is being quashed by the band itself in defending its victory labelled “a well-deserved win.”

Following the staging of Sugar Mas 46, the Small Axe Band, the self-acclaimed ‘Sweetest Band in the world’, was adjudged winners of the coveted Road March title with the “Puppy Song”, scoring 34 points.

This started a wave of comments whereby some individuals including non-supporters of the band have expressed their displeasure in the results.

On the flip side, fans of Small Axe Band and others alike agree with the judges’ decision thus complementing the band’s emotions about its success.

A band member interviewed by this media house this week said that the inspiration from the song came from a Facebook video that went viral with two local men “fooling around” and freestyling the chorus of the “Puppy Song”.

The member noted that the band’s song is well -crafted and that there is much meaning in the lyrics.

“Firstly the song begins by saying, ‘we taking back the band of the year’ which is just simply saying that the Small Axe Band came to take back the road march title that was rightfully ours”, he said.

Notably, the Grand Masters Band prevented that band’s five-peat victory after capturing the 2016/2017 Road March title with the “Wuk U Shift” tune.

“How you drop de puppy man” is just like our fans asking us how we lost the road march title back in 2016/2017 and we responded by saying “it slip out me hand,” the band member explained.

“So here you see the song is not of a literal nature,” he added.

He ended by thanking the fans for their unwavering support throughout the journey of the band while promising fans an even greater 2018.

The Road March competition is usually judged over two days- J’ouvert and Grand Parade.

Over the past weekend, Saturday 6th January, Small Axe held its victory jam along the eastern portion of bypass road along the F T Williams Highway.

In other Sugar Mas 46 judged street activities news, Ultra Carnival troupe won almost all of the segments this time around.

For J’ouvert held on Tuesday 26th December 2017 resulted in: 1st – Egyptian Devils: Red Devils (147 points), 2nd – Colortopia: Mas Jumbies (116 points), 3rd – Xtreme Colour & Paint: Xtreme Jouvert (110 points) and 4th – Most Wanted: Grand Masters (96 points).

For the grand parade held on Monday 1st January saw the following positions: 1st – Ultra Carnival: A Wanderer’s Dream (890) points, 2nd – Fhunn Vybes: Nature’s Fury: (783 points) and 3rd: Solid SKB: The Tropics (678.5 points).

The Largest Troupe was also won by Ultra Carnival: A Wanderer’s Dream as well as Most Punctual Troupe (a repeat win).

Additionally, Ultra Carnival copped King of the Bands: Viva Mexico: Kajali Hanley-Gumbs Dream (835 points) and also Queen of the Bands: Queen Poinciana: Welcome To St. Kitts – Iantavian Queeley (850.5 points)

Fhunn Teenz won the category for First Trope To Release.

There was no announcement of other positions for the Road March title which too has caused public debate.

Sugar Mas 46 officially climaxed on Tuesday 2nd January with the Las Lap activity which saw the return of the various parade troupes, band and other sound systems jamming through the streets of Basseterre.

The Junior Carnival parade was held on Saturday 30th December 2017.