Hon. Marcella Liburd is right.

Something has to be fundamentally wrong why so many chairpersons and members of boards, why so many in the inner circle are resigning.

What is happening is that all who thought that Dr Douglas should have simply acquiesced to the demands of Timothy Harris and hand over the prime ministership to him, are now seeing for themselves why Douglas tried to save us in the federation from Timothy Harris.

But enough people were not listening.

They did not understand the role that greed, jealousy and visions of self-aggrandisement played in the 2015 campaign.They did not care that Timothy Harris had been accused of many serious questionable activities that had made international news.

They just bought into the lies that were being spread by those who had been in Dr Douglas’ first cabinet and never realised that they were only pawns in some people’s sick desire to teach Dr Douglas and all who dared to support him a lesson.

All three of them felt that each of them should have been, for different reasons, the prime minister.  Mind you.  The three of them never got on as individuals.  But collectively, because of the seed of discord that had been skilfully planted in their minds by the author of the treachery, they came together to execute their plan.

Now the seeds of discord seem to have caught back up with them and they don’t seem to be as “tight” as they were prior to 15th February, 2015.

Indeed, since then, the business of Sam Condor, Jean Condor and Dwyer Astaphan have been on the internet.  Put there by anonymous persons engaged to defend the prime minister from anyone and anything.

The superintendent of prisons, the chairman of NHC, all big Unity supporters, also found their business on the internet.

So now we have another resignation.  And people are wondering why.

First the chairperson of Social Security.  Now the chairperson of National Bank.  The two biggest indigenous lenders of money to the government.

Hmmm.  Interesting.

Coincidence?  I wonder.

This Team Unity government has me wondering a lot.

Like I am wondering what was going through Timothy Harris’s head when he decided to bring Major General Saunders here to help control crime.

I do not know the man.  I had never heard of him before.  But I am wondering if he is so highly recommended by the Jamaican Prime Minister as being so efficient and effective in combatting crime, why is he here and not in Jamaica where nearly one thousand murders have been committed so far for the year?

Now do not get me wrong.  I want to see an end, or at least a drastic reduction, in serious crimes here in my beloved federation.

I want the young men and women who have become cold-blooded murderers, who could walk up to someone they have known all their lives, put a gun to that person’s head and pull the trigger and watch them die, I want them to regain feeling in their hearts.

I want them to value life again.  I want them to learn to love again.

I want our streets to be safe again.  I want our homes to be safe again.  I want our schools to be safe again.  I want to be safe again.

Can Mr Saunders do that?