SCHEME UNITY Strikes Again


When officers tried to stem that tide and hold fast to the hither fore professional manner of recruiting persons for the force they were rudely ‘put into their places’ and told what would and would not happen to them if they ever again tried to turn back any of the political hacks who had been ‘chosen’ and sent to join the force.

As a result the force became a virtual haven for corrupt individuals, many of whom were in the ‘private service’ of some of those politicians, and that disease afflicts the police force to this very day.

The recent actions also tell us that the attempts to address the crime situation by bringing in the regional forces have failed miserably. Indeed, they were BOUND to fail, because there was NO justification for employing them in the first place. NONE WHATSOEVER. As a matter of fact, because of their political deceitfulness, incompetence and ignorance, SCHEME UNITY have severely damaged the reputation of the regional security agreement, and the other leaders of The OECS and Barbados had better take note.

Without a doubt whatever they put their hands to they make an awful mess of.

As we also warned in our editorial referred to above: “Our concerns have to be not only with the gross incompetence of those now in government, but also with the rampant corruption, nepotism and victimisation which they have unleashed upon our fair land”.

The state in which our country now finds itself is due entirely to the rampant mischief and wickedness which they both preached and practiced in their devilish determination to get into political power.

Can we now expect them to solve the very problems which they themselves created?

Let us all pray most fervently for the protection of our people and our nation. Let us pray especially for those who seek to uphold that which is right and proper, and for those who have to struggle, daily, with upholding the laws of our land. We desperately need our Heavenly Father’s help to save ourselves and our nation from this lot.