BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – As the progress continues at “Ramada St. Kitts” in preparation for its upcoming opening, St Pauls’ Community Leader Crios Freeman has expressed his full support for the transformational possibilities that will take place in the White Gate area.

According to Freeman, “We must see “the Ramada St Kitts” as more than a job opportunity for persons living in this area (St Pauls’, Newton Ground and Dieppe Bay), it should also be viewed as a possible stimulus for the area’s economy and by extension the national economy.”  Freeman continued, “Ramada will bring opportunities for spin-off business creation, for cultural revival and promotion, for community tourism and so much more.”

“The idea for setting aside lands in what is now commonly called the White Gate area for development was visionary, forward-thinking, and Caribbean Galaxy must be commended for embracing that vision.  It was a bold step by them to select this area and not the already developed tourism foothold of the South East Peninsular to build their project,” Freeman added.

Freeman then expressed, “So we in the area must seize the opportunity, find ways to carve out businesses that support the tourism product and be successful entrepreneurs.”

The Community Leader continued, “There are so many possibilities with the Ramada St. Kitts beyond jobs in the hotel.  It is important that as a community we dialogue with all community stakeholders to develop community-based initiatives that can bring the people of the White Gate area together and maximize the benefits from the presence of Ramada St Kitts.  St. Pauls’, Newton Ground and Dieppe Bay have been given an economic lifeline.  We must embrace it. We cannot afford to allow the scope for entrepreneurial ingenuity on the part of us common folk in the area to escape us.”  

The Caribbean Galaxy multi-million-dollar Ramada Project involves building a top resort with first-rate apartments, garden villas and pool villas.  It will also include a shopping plaza, business centre, beach club, and other amenities catering to entertainment, business, leisure, tourism and vacation.

Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Ltd. is a hotel development company founded in 2014.  Galaxy is dedicated to advancing economic development in the Caribbean by developing upscale resort properties that will attract affluent travelers to the Islands they serve.