Premier Brantley

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 30th April 2021)– Nevis’ Premier Mark Brantley has clarified that a matter currently being investigated at a secondary school on Nevis involved inappropriate behaviour and not any physical contact as it relates to reports concerning  two male teachers and two female students.

He made the disclosure having been quizzed by a reporter on the topic at his monthly press conference held on Wednesday 28th April 2020, and used the opportunity to condemned social media users who have gone about publicising the images of the female students said to be involved.

Reports have come to the  Kinistry of Education that two male teacehrs were involved in some…I would say inappriate behaviour because I’ve seen some very false and misleading statements on social media suggesting that somethign quite different to what happened happened

“I can’t get into the details but I would say is that naturally the matter is being investigated and we of course insist that we must have safe environments for our children to go to school, and our females and our males-those who are in school- must be in an environment that is safe , and we continue to encourage our teachers to act with the necessary professionalism and decorum and appropriate behaviour  but I hasten to say that we are not aware of any report  of any actual physical engagement with any young person but we are aware of inappropriate comments and inappropriate behaviour   

I can’t get into  any further details…I hope that you would respect that I have done the best that I can  with the words that I have said to you details but the matter is well under investigation and is being dealt with through the usual channels and we will continue to provide every support to our students.

 Our schools are safe and our young people must feel safe at all times, and that is our goals and th….and our teachers and  care of our young people must conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

Sometime what big people do …as a joke. I have been guilty of it and I’m sure ……making jokes that

You mayb use a word or language that might be inappropriate bu t what might pass as adults as conversation , they would have no place when you’re dealing with children  and that is why I have sought to respond in a way

I saw some reports on social media which I thought was very unfortunate and I also some some banding of  the young women which I think were grossly irresponsible and ought to be condemned. I don’t know what has come upon our people  that we act in this irresponsible and vicious way sometimes towards each other but 



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