By: Thinking Citizen

I listened the other day to Senator Nigel Carty’s contribution in the National Assembly to the debate on the amendment to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Bill. Senator Carty was brilliant, relevant and no less so was Dr. Denzil Douglas as they both exposed for the world wide world to see the hypocrisy, ambivalence, wickedness and bad-mindedness of the members of the Team Unity Government.

Team Unity’s wicked and evil governing strategy consists of two stages. First, Team Unity does a load of wicked and evil and selfish deeds and when those deeds become public and are debated on the streets, Team Unity sends out its corps of Spin-doctors, Liars and Propagandists to convey the false and erroneous message that everything is fine for the Team Unity Government is Open, Transparent, Accountable, Honest, Decent and Upright.

The worst Spin-doctor in Team Unity is the leader of Team Unity. When he tries to spin, it makes him look stupid and childish. He is much better off sticking to his Accounting and to the usual practice of telling lies.

Nobody on the Government side responded fittingly to the arguments put forward by the Senator Carty and the former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas. For the most part, the arguments or rather the non-arguments put forward by the Government side in its defence consisted of the recitation of a list of perceived financial regularities committed by the by the Douglas Administration. It was rather like “Good morning Peter” “Cabbage, Ma’am”.

During the entire debate in the House, the members on the Government side chose to lap their tails at the very valid, relevant and forceful points made by Senator Carty and our former prime Minister. The members on the Government side raised two basic points in their defence namely (I) That the Labour Government headed by Dr. Douglas, for some 19 or 20 years provided no funding for the Public Accounts (the PAC) and (II) Since the PAC was dormant and did not function during that long period when the Labour Party members in the House are devoid of any moral authority to make recommendation concerning the scope and function of the Public Accounts Committee under consideration.

Team Unity argues that the absence or the lack of any specific provision in the National Budget in respect of the PAC prevented its operation or prevented it from exercising its proper functions, duties and responsibilities.

I remember at least two (2) persons, the Hon. Joseph N. France and the Hon. Frederick Parris who were sitting members of the PAC during the 1970s although no specific provision for funding had been included in the Estimates or the National Budget. Something is certainly wrong with this argument presented by Team Unity.

The second point, the one raised by Team Unity about the lack of any moral authority to speak on the part of the members of the Labour Party is clearly a big joke.

If I have been a silent witness to four (4) different murders and have said nothing to the Police or to the family of the murdered person, that does not mean that because I said nothing or did nothing I have the moral authority to say what I see or know in the case of any murder or murders in the future.

The motive of the Labour Party opposition in the House is to make the PAC a much wider operating Committee. The members of Government were concerned with restricting the scope and functions of the PAC as much as possible.

The Government of nine blind mice is clearly living in the distant past.