The conduct of the nation’s affairs in The National Assembly is once again a cause for much worry. The rapid deterioration is a matter of grave concern, even to the most casual observer.

It has now become absolutely clear that no effort is being spared to frustrate our parliamentary opposition and stifle the voice of those who represent the majority of people in this country. As a matter of fact, the very composition of parliament, while it conforms to constitutional provisions, is nevertheless undemocratic.

And that points to the very nature of the constitution itself, one that was framed out of a burning and deeply rooted hatred of the vast majority of Kittitians and our long favoured politically organisation, namely The St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party.

It is a document that was ushered in by a mismatched group of individuals, persons who, while very much a minority, had conniving eased themselves into power. Having succeeded in doing so they were determined to keep themselves in power forever, and in the process, they handed dissident elements on Nevis a whip with which to flay the people of St. Kitts.

Thus it was then, thus it is again today.

For centuries Kittitians have been wrongly and most unfairly blamed for the misfortunes of the people of Nevis and Anguilla, two groups of people who always readily complied with calls to move to St. Kitts and help to undermine the political strength of Kittitians.

There are (and have always been) certain Kittitians who have never had the real interests of our people (Kittitians, Anguillans and Nevisians) to heart, but who, instead, have ALWAYS been interested in political power only. Those are the ones who always promoted divisions in our people and our affairs, and several of their modern day ‘acolytes’ were directly involved with imposing upon us the constitutional arrangement which effectively allows the minority to exercise control over the majority.

Such a state of affairs cannot be allowed to persist.

How can it be right for minority elements to exercise control over and hold the majority to ransom? Are not those some of the major sufferings about which our forebears complained so bitterly and fought against so strenuously during the colonial era? Why then are we tolerating such mistreatment again?

In every aspect of human endeavor, there will always be traitors. Most often they are also demonic in nature. But does that mean that we have to accept such creatures and their behaviours? We of this newspaper say “not at all”. Indeed, as we always have, we call upon our people to stand up and fight for all that is rightfully ours. We quite simply cannot afford to do or be otherwise.

A minority group of persons, aided and abetted by an even smaller band of crooks, are simultaneously using and abusing us. They are draining our resources while building up themselves and their cronies, all the while continuing to mamaguy the gullible into believing that they are looking out for them.

It is time for the people of St. Kitts to stand up, use our power, and assert our rights. Why should it be acceptable for others to do so but not Kittitians?