Officer Hodge Got ‘Stay Away’ Letter

    Constable Lennox Hodge

    By: Spokesman Newsroom
    BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Monday 15th October 2018)- A credible source has informed this media house that earlier this year police officer Lennox Hodge received a letter addressing his friendship with the opposition during his off duty activities.

    “Yes, I saw the letter for myself earlier in the year. It’s his right to associate with whomever he chooses though, whether that be political association or otherwise,” that individual stated.

    This media house continues to look into this matter which is one of the hottest topics being debated in the public as it relates to accusation of political victimisation levelled at the Harris-led administration.

    Constable Hodge was arrested the day after driving Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas to last month’s Independence Parade held at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium, with Opposition Deputy Leader Marcella Liburd (of Constituency Two) and Konris Maynard of Constituency Three as fellow passengers.

    The officer, who works in Nevis, originally hails from Constituency Six for which Dr. Douglas is the Parliamentary Representative.

    He was charged for Driving Without a Valid and Unexpired Driver’s License and for Driving Without Insurance on Thursday 20th September having operated a privately owned vehicle (Dr. Douglas’). He received bail in the sum of $10,000 with two sureties the next day.

    Marcella Liburd, who is a lawyer by profession, has publicly expressed her view that the officer is being “punished for driving Dr. Douglas” and has also questioned how is it that they knew his license was expired.

    According to her, it is questionable that Constable Hodge was not stopped while he was driving and has also pointed out that up to the time of his arrest he had not been asked to present his drivers’ license.

    Speaking at the Party’s most recent monthly press conference, she said that the officer was called down to St. Kitts in his uniform to be arrested for driving with an expired license the day before.

    Liburd said she is not aware that driving with an expired drivers’ license was an arrestable offense, adding that, to her knowing it is a ticketable offense.

    “I am in no way making an excuse for Constable Hodge for not realising that his drivers’ license was expired. It was an error on his part”, she commented.

    Liburd has also claimed that during the arrest, Officer Hodge was also told that he should not have parked Dr. Douglas’ vehicle in the area where he parked it and should not have gone down on the grounds to collect Dr. Douglas.

    Constable Hodge’s matter is expected to be heard at the Basseterre Magistrate Court come Friday 9th November.

    That court appearance, which should have been heard yesterday (11th October), was moved forward exactly one week earlier (Thursday 4th October).