Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

By: Joseph Jones

Workers (People), I have sometimes seemed impatient and even perhaps arrogant (having an exaggerated opinion). I humbly ask you to believe my objective (aim or purpose) is to educate you about Occupational Safety and Health. I have labored on the above subject for a very long time so you would understand when I say it will always be my first and endearing love; it is for us to carry out trust, a great one; one that we must obey. Such love calls for many sacrifices.

I will move on now. In my last article, I wrote about responsibility. I am concerned about such in connection with preventing accident through good design, operation, maintenance and inspection. Achieving all this will reduce the risk of accident. Mark you, it will not get rid altogether.

Hello! Safety is not achievable without prioritizing such aspect and an essential part of major hazard control is concerned with mitigating (to make less severe) or harsh effect of a major accident.

Let’s move on and say a touch a bit on your role as workers. You should cooperate with and participate in the implementation (to carry out instructions etc.) of the workplace and measures related to the hazards. You can also play an active role in the systems in operation by watching over the safety of the workplace and the equipment that are used and applying all safety and health instructions pertaining to the work.

Workers! You should always make proper use of all safeguards and safety devices (machine or tool use for a particular purpose) and other appliances made available for your protection or your workmates.

Let me make this abundantly (plentifully) clear that no worker unless authorized (to give official permission) should  interfere (to clash) or want to remove or alter any safety devices or other appliances made available for you or your workmates protection or interfere with any method (techniques) adopted with a view to avoid accidents and injuries to safety and health.

I am begging you: Do not tamper with appliances that you have not been authorised to operate, maintain or use.

I am closing now but before I close, I must leave this with you and advise that you take it very serious. With the increasing production, storage and use of dangerous substances, there is a need for a well-designed and systematic approach if disasters are to be avoided. I wonder if you are hearing me. I hope so.

*Note Well* Keep your ears open. The more we read. The sacred pages and these articles, the better we know the rock of ages.

Thanking you.