Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), let me give a little rundown on trades unions which are now acknowledged as essential factors (an element that contributes to result in the life of a community).

We the workers must better understand that we cannot afford to be divided. Moreover it applies to worthy aims and enhances (to increase in quality) of human dignity of labour.  Are you hearing me?

I also want to share this with you as well: the things that some workers are doing just for that sake of a few more cents is painful despite all what I am saying and writing on the above topic. I am speaking especially to those of us here in the Caribbean who operate the pneumatic drill which entail high level noise and the vibration.

Let me now address us in St. Kitts and Nevis. There are many occupations which we as workers may be exposed to so we must look after ourselves.

 Hello! Money for many people today is a big issue; they are focused on accumulating wealth or holding on to what they have. Others consider their issues to be family, health and safety or personal accomplishment.

 Listen to this one: Think about it, life it is indeed a journey (the process of travelling) and while we may be able to travel together (with cooperation), sometimes when led by others you would of prefer to go alone; again sometimes the going is rough and tough and lonely especially this topic.

I have written about this already but I am doing it again. Let us legislate it. Why? Because it can provide workers with standards of protection in the workplace, it can only be as good as its enforcement by the government. I would agree to a point that no government can possibly have sufficient staff to inspect every workplace on a regular schedule to investigate whether an act is being up held.

 I am one who believes that the time has come for occupational safety and health to be legislated. Once that is done, the employers will have a clear indication of the law and you (the workers) must fulfill the day to day inspection role; but also you must know the law and regulations under the law.

*Note Well* so many silly things I see happening especially the transporting of workers; they choose to sit on the rail of the vehicle whilst it is travelling. Come on employers get serious and place adequate safety equipment. I am sick of what I am seeing every day. Before I close, let me ask you the workers five (5) serious questions

1.      What sort of control method appears most common, substitution, enclosure, ventilation, personal protection?

2.      If personal protection is your answer, why do you think it is most common?

3.      In your opinion, does personal protection work? If not why?

4.      What methods of control used in your workplaces?

5.      Do you have adequate eating facilities?

Workers! This Union is calling! We must learn to live together as brothers/ sisters or perish together as fools.