By: Joseph Jones

What crops up may not be what we had planted.

Last week in my article, I wrote and I hereby wish to echo such sentiments again. If you have a friend be it a man or a woman a boy or a girl for some reason you love them very much then you feel obligated to share important details with him or her. Hence, I feel it a duty to address you workers.

I am going to say something; I am getting a bit nervous which is a common complaint in our fast moving world. Hustle, bustle, as I said before worries and just plain jitters take their toll in the form of numerous types of physical in coordination. Most people affected have made the rounds of medical doctors specialist seeking a “cure” for their particular disease.

Many of us end up with a medicine chest full of sedatives (to calm the pain) but fail to find any permanent relief. Hello! Some may have been advised to relax only to find that relaxation in an environment which is extremely difficult or impossible.

Some have also been advised to take a vacation, temporary relief disappearing upon return to routine existence. Those seeking change of climate may only substitute new worries for old.

Workers, let’s touch a bit on the beauty salon as regard to the skin. (Dermatology) Due to certain chemicals, the skin can become inflamed and the peeling of skin rashes, may result from chronic exposure for a long time which is irritating because of the agents such as solvents or detergents. For example, strong acids, alkalis carbon tetrachloride.

Before I close all I am doing through my writing this week is creating an “awareness.” Check the skin care lotion, please allow me to point out that the effect that it also carries because the Hypoallergenic agents which if you read the direction closely it says you must apply it liberally as often as necessary, it also give a warning, also just check closely the ingredients which consists water, glycerine, stearie acid, mineral oil, ethanol, disodium! All these are chemicals which are harmful to the skin.

Let me speak to the ladies to say that you should read the ingredients listed that lipstick or Balm. The product says it moisture the lip consisting of Palmitate, mineral oil, Petrolatum, wax, silica, which is why some of your lips are all cracked up.

Please be careful and be aware again. As I said and have repeated time and time again, chemical hazards represent perhaps the greatest health threat to workers today and one of the biggest problems for the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union representatives are facing in finding out about the substances.

Note well words:

  • Tetrachloride is a compound of chlorine and some other substances.
  • Glycerin *     A transparent colorless sweet liquid obtains from fat.
  • Silica *         Oxide of silicon the chief constituent *  Quartz, flint.
  • Quartz *       A constituent of granite and other rocks.
  • Flint *          A very hard stone (anything proverbial hard).
  • Petrology *  The study of rocks.
  • Petroleum * Rock oil, and flammable liquid found in the earth.
  • Wax *          A tenacious substance excreted by bees or in the ear, any similar substance, to smear or rub with.

Thank you.