Occupational Safety And Health: July 21st 2017

By: Joseph Jones

Workers! Are yu fit and well for work?

I am very happy to hear that some of you are now acknowledging the essential factors in the life of a community and are also beginning to understand what unity means, especially in the Trade Union Movement.

By understanding such, it raises the dignity of labour security, self respect and better working conditions. In other words, Unity is strength. “Now let me start here,” as I wrote in my last article, it is not too late to have a fresh start.

Suddenly, the location and direction of life revealed as a mistake, sometimes perhaps even feeling like a waste. But moving forward would be difficult and would require hard and uncomfortable work, perhaps even facing some tough managers, supervisors at the workplace; sometimes we often find ourselves in unexpected places, places we never planned nor wanted to be.

But my advice to you workers, “Forget what lies behind and press forward” to better when thinking of Occupational Safety and Health and moreso to remember that it covers the whole spectrum from accident prevention to the more secretly hazards, including toxic, fumes,dust, noise and stress.

Before I close, let me say something to the Office Worker. So many often are thought to have no health and safety problem this is far from true. Stress is one of the most common complaints.

Worker you face the exposure to chemical hazards from the office. Photocopiers, poor lighting, noise and poorly designed chairs and stools can also present problems.

And now here is a point I am going to share. For all diseases, it is better to prevent rather than cure, but for chronic disease such as cancer, prevention is the only cure.

For this research, it is hard to establish the cause of a chronic condition and even harder to get compensation. Now this is my question and I am interesting to know how many workers in St. Kitts and Nevis have received any sort of compensation for suffering from a prescribed industrial disease? Say it please.

Note well. Thanks to the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union they will chip the rough edges away to bring comfort to all their members and workers.

Thank you.