Joseph Jones

Workers (People), sometimes when I read to sharpen my mind in the way I do think, I do get taken up with troubles, worries, and fears.

The pressure of things to be done and concern about tomorrow’s decisions are weeds to eliminate. For example: The coronavirus (COVID-19), and to control the weeds, we must ask God to quiet our hearts so we can pay attention to him.

Now I will digress for a while. It is said that science has affected our life in many positive ways. I think I wrote already by saying scientists struggle with experiments and observations for months, weeks and even years. Sometimes their labour lead to dead ends. I am hoping indeed that they may find a surprising breakthrough in search of answers for this disease (coronavirus). Let’s move on. To me, this sounds very serious. I will impart some of what I have learnt at the Turin College in Italy by Dr. Alam Leserve and George De paena on this topic.

I thank God for them. My dear workers (people) and subscribers to the Labour Spokesman, and I am now saying we need another.

I will now say something about respiratory tract infections. It’s one of the main illnesses that produce discomfort (feeling of worrying) and unhappiness at any time of the year but especially during cold wintry wet months. Hardly anyone escapes, and frequently an entire household could be struck down with unpleasant condition; the disease or illness goes by many other names which means the same thing but it’s most popular is the common cold. It is often referred to a simple viral invasion (virus enter) of the upper respiratory passage ways. This  may mean any part of the airways of the nose and the nasal system, the mouth and throat system and trachea (the tube that carries inhaled air from the front of the throat to the lungs) and upper parts of the large bronchi (either of the two main branches of the windpipe).

Hello! I am going to shut up now but before I do such, listen to this: Once the virus enters the respiratory system, it is set to work at once. Germs can multiply at an amazing rate. Very soon it has become established in the superficial membrane (mucus-secreting tissue that lines body cavities or passages) lining of the nose. Nasal passage ways, throat or even trachea or bronchi. Mark you, it is said there is an incubation period (to hatch 24 to 72 hours before symptoms set in) but it may be less.

This is how I will make my contribution in regard to this disease that is worrying us; by wiring and allowing you to read the Labour Spokesman.

Please follow me and so some research.

Until next week.