Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), has your heart ever been broken?  Let me ask you: What you broke it? Was it cruelty, unfaithfulness, loss? Perhaps you have crept into the darkness to cry. Hello! It’s good to cry because “Tears are the only for weeping.”

I hear older people than I say so. They also say that a little does one good.

People, as it stands right now, what I am doing in my articles is trying to rescue the reluctant minded at the workplace. I was taught how to save a drowning person , and what I write about regarding Occupational Safety and Health and the ‘awareness’, some of us are behaving in a careless way  and that is why sometimes I cry.

So in keeping with my promise while the problems we face for our survival might be grave (serious and worrying), we will have  to find satisfying answers by analysing (examine) all the bad things happening today at the workplace. Workers (People), I told you last week that our health is under siege (block).

Workers (People), again, are you hearing me? Answers to this question you can only find it by reading the Labour Spokesman.  I am about to close but I will say some more about the topic:

(1) Life can be pure bliss (perfect happiness, joy) when all goes well but what if circumstances make your life seem unbearable? Think about it, especially at the workplace.

Remember I said to you some time ago to be mindful that work is dangerous to our health; it always has been and always will be as long as human beings have to operate processes of production.

Diseases disablement and death are tragic (sad and distressing) but inevitable cost of production. However, let us make Occupational Safety and Health a priority (most important thing) since human life is indeed valuable.

(2) This has been running on my mind so I better say it now pertaining to formulating an emergency onsite plan that will assess the risks and hazards in workplaces so as to improve the plants, for example: additional safeguards or better procedures or decisions taken that the risks are sufficiently small to be accepted. I am saying this plan must be related to the final assessment and it is the responsibility of management to formulate it.

*Note Well* Workers (People), stay safe and healthy to avoid diseases and danger by keeping your living workplace sanitary. Also, if possible, wear gloves, sturdy shoes, hard hat and dust masks. It pays to belong to the St.Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union.

Thanking you.