Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), the pleasure will always be mine in keeping with my promise to write every week on this topic and you the workers to understand and appreciate its meaning.

It seems to me that things are getting out of control. Our Health and Safety is under siege (forcing people out of place).

Hello! But please remember science which my Collins paperback English dictionary gives the meaning: “The study of the nature and behaviour of the physical universe based on observation, experiment and measurement.” That’s plenty of work but the knowledge obtained by these methods is rewarding. Hear this now:  On a very, very serious note, science can take us only so far when it comes to good health.

High blood pressure, obesity, air pollution and drug abuse-all risk factors for disease- are increasing. Plenty people are dying from non-communicable diseases such as cancer cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Also, there is a growing number of people disabled by other diseases including mental illness (involving the mind). We are now witnessing the outbreak of the now pandemic (global spread of a new disease) coronavirus (COVID-19). The bottom line is that this sickness is out of the control of human beings and to me, the end of it seems to be nowhere in sight. Before I close, let me point out that factories continue to pollute the atmosphere; many people die every year from breathing impure air. People continue to dump sewage, medical and agricultural waste as well as other pollutants into the oceans. As a result, these poison marine, animals and plants as well as human beings who eat contaminated seafood as part of their regular diet. It also looks to that we are running out of fresh water.

*Note well* (1) As I read and write, I, too, become acquainted with these words. When you educate a man or woman, you open their eyes, broaden their mind and expand their thinking and in so doing encourage them to think for themselves. (2) Workers (People), let us think of other grave threats to survival and try to satisfy answers about our future by analysing all the bad things happening today. Continue reading the Labour Spokesman Newspaper and set your eyes on the future.

Thanking you.