Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), at the beginning of a new year and a new decade (a future period of peace and happiness), hearing predictions (something that forecast in advance) is nothing new.

What will the next five (5) years bring? It had the usual suggestions about growing importance about new medical breakthrough and about the smooth, faster ways of getting around. Once or twice I’ve heard my mother say: ‘Prediction is at best risky business” to which all I did was just laugh.

Hear this: Man may speculate (to form opinion what will happen). Workers (People), let us enjoy lasting happiness under the best conditions in wonderful surroundings. This is no mere (a take) dream, for God actually offers us the key to such a happy future, and that key is knowledge.

Let’s move on. In my last article,  I said 2020 is a year of renewal. I also thought about a checklist and what it is and how useful it is. Hello! Once we have knowledge that leads to everlasting life so for this article, I will say a little bit on toxic releases. There are large numbers of chemicals with which particular care needs to be taken to prevent them from having harmful effects on workers.

The main discipline (the practice of imposing strict rules of behaviour) of occupational hygiene exists to develop the methods necessary to control exposure to these chemicals possibly over a long period as the working lifetime of an operator. This is of fundamental importance to workers’ safety.

People, the effects of toxic chemicals when considering major hazards, on the hand, are quite different and are concerned with acute ( severe exposure during and soon after a major accident rather than with long term chronic (exposure  developing slowly or lasting for a long time. In other words, the book considers the storage and use of toxic chemicals often in very large quantities which, if released, would be dispersed in the wind and have the potential to kill or injure people living many hundreds of miles away as I said before from the plant and being able to escape or find shelter.

Before I close, I will leave this with you: Chlorine (a poisonous strong-smelling greenish yellow gaseous element used in water purification and as a disinfectant (a substance that destroys harmful germs and combined with sodium to make common salt is known to be dangerous to human health.

*Note Well* coming together is a start, keeping together is progress and working together is success. Continue to read the Labour Spokesman and welcome more information on the above topic.

Thanking you.