Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), hear this: If these articles on the above topic have any effect on us then I hereby encourage you to read The Labour Spokesman regularly.

Of course many of us lead very busy lives. However, we cannot afford to let anything-even legitimate responsibility- disrupt our bible reading and this newspaper. Workers (People) please make time to read both (Bible and newspaper), whether at the start of your day or at the end of somewhere in between, applying yourselves is wisdom.   

Hello! Practical Safety and Health begin its life as an excellent account elements (one of fundamental component OSH written for all workers (people) by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its instructors in persons such as Dr. Alan LeServe, George De Peana and Sir Frank Walcott.

I find this topic to be so important that I will continue to write because it is considered that the highest degree (extreme) and fine quality (delicacy) of skills is needed.

Before I close, let me say something more. I believe you realise how hot the sun is. I am going to say a little about what is called sun burn. Workers, please note over exposure to the sunrays without adequate protection can result in widespread superficial burns (not through and sometimes blistering). Your skin will be very red and feel very hot. If severe, it can be extremely painful. Always remember sunrays are powerful enough to cause sunburn. It is said by older folks that sun rays that penetrate the clouds are reflected off by bright surfaces such as white walls or concrete.

Pleas pay attention to  three actions that can be taken:

1.      Tell the causality to move into the shade and drink plenty water

2.      If the sunburn is mild special sun creams can be applied to relieve the pain

3.      If you are in any doubt, seek medical advice from masons, carpenters, agricultural workers. I am speaking to all of you specifically

I am closing now but this I will continue to say which is very important: Prevention is better than cure. Never go out in the sun without protective sun screen creams and always expose the body gradually. Only small areas of your body should be uncovered for short periods of time.

*Note Well* Leadership is the capacity to influence.

Influence-To have an effect upon factors (actions or events) so as to persuade or induce.

Thank you for reading