Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), let me share this with you; many parts of the world when walk into a food store to pick stuff whether it’s meat, milk we do so with confidence that items are free of contamination (poisonous and that the label on the package is accurate (the truth).

Hello! Hear this: the kind of product reliability (able to be trusted) was not developed overnight. Years ago, we were not guaranteed (formal assurance) of either or truth labelling. Since then, governments passed laws in assuring us as consumers that the quality of product from food to perfume. They require standardized (level of quality) labelling and strict safety tests.

Workers (People), when I think about such laws as these, I am reminded that we should appreciate the St. Kitts- Nevis Trades & Labour Union and government. Chaos (confusion) would be dominant without it. I am saying all the time my writings, laws must be enforced to safeguard the health and safety and also the well-being of the public.

Let me move on. I see how stiff necked some people are. Workers, supervisors and managers-their eyes are always on the goal (aim or purpose) ahead; they seem to take little notice of Occupational Safety and Health and in doing, they leave no time for planning, they leave no time planning once they get things done. They don’t care so again I am appealing to you all to create the ‘Awareness’ (informed mindfulness).

Before I close, I give thanks that I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I see the beauty of life and the goodness of God reflected in others. Even our bodies begin to wear out or burdened with disease or aging, they still offer the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the One who created us.

Let me give thanks all the time to Sir Joseph Nathaniel France, Dr. Alan Le serve and George De Paen; they were good men. They had knowledge as well as wisdom (involving sensible decision making) needed for workers’ care and workplaces to grapple with this topic by letting you know. Do not allow negative circumstances to weigh you down. That’s why I am communicating to you weekly in the Labour Spokesman.

It is the foundation of a close relationship between you and I that is what prompt me asking all the workers to get serious. Please! Please! Do not be afraid of what man try to do. Educational experience teaches good work habits, communication skills and confidence.

I am closing now. What is you answer to this question: Have you ever thought about what it is to be safe and healthy? Again, I say thanks to the persons whose names I have mentioned in this article.


“Loosen up” is today’s word from Good. Flexibility is not simply for athletes but is a virtue (moral goodness) that helps us to move with grace through the challenges of work and family life. Stiff-necked people are very focused and tasked-oriented.

Words and meaning

Focus- concentrate so that the image is clear

Task-oriented- things specified where a piece of work is required to be done.