Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), as I promised, such will continue as I carry on in my mission to keep you well informed on chosen topics.

Increasingly, alcoholism ranks among the foremost international public health problems. Although therapeutic techniques developed in the past couple of decades, no more than a few alcoholics can be expected to improve.

Hello! Prevention therefore is a very urgent task, requiring an integrated approach involving many disciplines, the Federation, politicians and the general public as well as professional workers.

Quite apart from the St.Kitts and Nevis Trades & Labour Union, the public health and mental health and also the waste of human life let me say this: The economic cost of alcohol abuse is staggering. I wonder and it is especially frustrating and baffling for the non-alcoholic to understand and no less for me or doctors to explain.

Hear this: Why would a person who is basically intelligent, industrious and concerned in the welfare of his/her family become an alcoholic? People, prevention is everybody’s business.

There may also be different emphasis placed on the extent to which strategies should concentrate specifically on the prevention of alcohol problems and alcoholism or on the underlying factors (social or psychological etc.) which may lead to the development of alcohol problems in the first place. Mind you, I always make sure I have something to say and do that is important: it is no use going back to something which bore you stiff. Once you have plenty to do, you have got to be trusted.

A friend of mine is now dead because after much effort to give up drinking, he was shunted in his home with nothing to do-forgotten.

As part of some people’s work, they still have to visit a bar for they will hear gossip; it is considered part of their job but I am giving you a word of warning, when you consume booze and you do not eat, it could have a negative effect on your health and then you start worrying when the doctor advises that you should have an X-ray.

Before I close, let me also point out that it is said (don’t laugh) no wonder then that wine can sure all ills for intestinal, worms, jaundice, poor vision, deafness and for people going out of their mind, and Shakespeare in Othello obviously felt he did not have to go anywhere else to face the devil in Act II scene, speaking of wine (see below):

O though invisible spirit of wine

If thou hast no name to be known by

Let me call thee devil

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