Cleone Stapleton- Simmonds of the opposition Nevis Reformation Party (NRP)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 13th March 2020)-Rookie Cleone Stapleton- Simmonds of the opposition Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) won the St. Thomas Nevis 5 seat in a by-election on Thursday 5th March 2020.

The first female elected candidate for NRP beat incumbent Keith ‘Dis an Dat’ Scarborough of the incumbent Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) who has lost his chance at the polls for a fourth time now.

Stapleton- Simmonds garnered 514 votes, some 323 more than her running mate following a low voter turnout which stood at a 46.5%.

Following the victorious outcome, in addressing supporters at the NRP’s headquarters, she expressed: “We have fought long and hard. It was not easy but we came out victorious!”

She has voiced gratitude for “the overwhelming support and out pouring of love today. On behalf of the Nevis Reformation Party and the Visionary 2020 Team I say thank you and I look forward to serving you with dignity in the name of Peace Process and Prosperity.”

In previous interview with this media house Stapleton-Simmonds stated that the Nevis 5 seat “has predominantly been an NRP seat so there is a high level of confidence but I have to treat it like any other fight.”

Meanwhile, CCM’S Leader Premier Mark Brantley has congratulated the NRP winner.

“As Premier of Nevis and Leader of our great CCM Party, I offer sincerest congratulations to Mrs Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds on her victory at the polls in today’s bi-election in St Thomas Parish Nevis 5. Her election is historic as it marks the first time that a female NRP candidate has been elected in Nevis.

He added: “To the candidate for our great Party Mr Keith Scarborough, MBE I also offer my congratulations. He had great courage. He ran a good race. He fought a good fight. The people of St Thomas Parish have now spoken eloquently and their voice is the voice of God.”

Brantely stated that he looks “ forward to welcoming the Honourable Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds to the Parliament and commit to working with her and the good people of St Thomas to ensure that they continue to benefit from the development that is taking place on Nevis.”

In further addressing the Nevis 5 constituents, he commented: “To the people of St Thomas Parish, I thank you for the opportunity given to our CCM Party to have campaigned and made our case to you. We did not persuade you on this occasion but rest assured we shall never retreat from nor surrender St Thomas Parish.”

More details in a follow-up report.