By: Thinking Citizen

The present Government which is led by Dr. Timothy Harris and which is called Team Unity advertises itself as being Transparent, Open, Accountable, democratic, honest, decent, upright, ethical and moral.

The trouble with Team Unity is that neither the Government itself as a whole nor any of its senior nor leading members have done anything publicly to indicate that they possess the qualities which the advertisement say they possess.

It seems as if the advertisement is nothing more than an elaborate game of trickery and deceit intended to fool the gullible and ignorant members of the general public.

There are those members of Team Unity who strongly contend that they are honest and upright although the Government of which they are a part indulges in nasty and corrupt practices. Nothing can work so. The old saying is not wrong. It goes like this: Birds of a feather stick together.

You see those members want to share in the benefits and the sweetness of membership in Team Unity but they do not want to be associated with any of the wicked and evil practices of Team Unity.

Some members of Team Unity show their solidarity with the Government by keeping quiet about matters, while other members play a more active part. They go out in public and defend the wrong things that Team Unity has done.

Some members of Team Unity believe that they are supporting DEMOCRACY by remaining silent within the Governing party which robs the ordinary man in the street of his natural and civil rights. Those members of Team Unity are promoting DUPLICITY and HYPOCRISY.
After claiming that it would provide the electorate with a government that would be decent, honest and upright the members of Team Unity entered into a corrupt arrangement with an overseas investor to allow them to conduct the Stem Cell Research Project at the JNF General Hospital in St. Kitts. When the news broke, the members of Team Unity Went berserk. One member denied that the Stem Cell Research was being conducted while another member owned up to the fact. Imagine! A Government that claims to be honest and decent actually promoting an illegal research project.

The Team Unity Government is alleged to have given accommodation and protection to a Chinese fugitive from justice in China. Also, it was widely circulated in public that that powerful and influential politicians closely linked to the Government received large sums of money for providing accommodation and protection for the Chinese fugitive.
Just recently a senior member of Team Unity Government was said to have been involved in some bribery scandal in which a pair of expensive shoes and a very valuable watch were involved.

Our Team Unity Government seems to be addicted to trouble. Scarcely a month passes without our Team Unity Government getting itself in some sort of trouble. Very often the trouble has its origin in jealousy, grudge, envy, or greed. People who have a lot want a lot more.

It is said that people have already begun to call a certain politician the “Shoes Man”. Thank God that nobody would ever dare to call Dr Douglas by such an indecent mockery.