Photo: Screenshot of the Leon Natta-Nelson in Freedom FM’s studio this week (Facebook/FreedomFM1065)

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 26th October 2018)- Having been arrested, suspended from work as a senior customs officer and now facing disciplinary charges brought against him by the Office of the Prime Minister ( Dr. Timothy Harris), Leon Natta- Nelson has a lot to say about his situation but not in full just yet.

Appearing live in Freedom FM’s studio for an ‘ Issues’ edition this week (Monday 22nd October), Natta-Nelson broke his silence with limit since he has pending court date before a Basseterre Magistrate come December this year.

The issue of victimisation, however, was topic he touched on in expressing his dissatisfaction pertaining to the treatment of workers under the Harris-led administration.

“I have come here today to say that the repression and victimisation of civil servants need to come to an end and it will come to an end. Unfortunately I can’t say much because this matter is still in the court and so questions related to these matters I can’t say much on….but in due time,” he expressed.

He is of the view that “Tyrannical leaders like the one we have, use organs of the state such as the Public Service Commission and the Court as weapons to drive fear in the hearts of well-meaning civil servants.”

Natta-Nelson is expected to be the candidate to run against PM Harris in Constituency Seven in the next general elections on a St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) ticket.

Although, he did not directly touch on party politics while appearing live on radio, he did outline that his recent experience he has “fortified me in the belief that whenever you show to the world that you are prepared to take a stand, the detractors, -big and small- get busy, to malign you, minimise you and try all manner of things to intimidate you and even to try to destroy you.”

On Wednesday 10th October, Natta-Nelson was formally arrested and charged for failing to renew his Firearm Users License between February 01, 2018 and October 07, 2018. The weapon, along with 25 rounds of ammunition, were confiscated by police two days before on Monday 8th October. He received bail in the sum of $10,000 with two sureties.

Natta-Nelson has also addressed social media rumours that he is facing another charge.

“I was arrested for basically failing to renew my firearm license by the prescribed time within the St. Christopher and Nevis Firearm Act, section 44 subsection 5. That and only that was the basis of my arrest, which was confirmed by the press release of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force… I must emphasise, that at no point was I charged with any other offence as has been erroneously reported on social media by mischief makers,” he said.

“Let me state that I will not be intimidated. I will not be cowed nor will I be detracted from the course set for me by God and whatever career path I choose as a responsible citizen,” he also commented.

Natta-Nelson shared an observation that “for the last three (3) years in this country, civil servants old and young, have been made to cow at the whims and fancies of this vindictive administration.”

He sent a message to his fellow community residents specifically those in his home village of Molinueux that “as a true son of the community, I will fight with every muscle in my body to right the wrongs not only against me but against many civil servants and citizens who have felt, and continue to feel, the brunt of the vindictive nature of this government. I desire only the best for my people.”

In speaking about his professionalism, the suspended senior customs officer said that over the past seven years he has built relationships not only with his colleagues at the Customs and Excise Department but throughout various departments within the civil service.

“These relationships that I have built have propelled me to be a well-respected Senior Customs Officer in the eyes of many persons in the Civil Service and in the business Community. As a civil servant, I understand that personal, professional integrity and loyalty to one’s country and the customs organisation are critical qualities if one desires to be a successful and respected patriot.”