Spectators-many of whom are dressed in patriotic outfits -looking at the 35th Independence Day Parade in 2018 on Victoria Road this week (Spokesman Snap)

By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 22nd September 2018)- Year after year for the observance of Independence Day here in the federation of St.Kitts and Nevis, many locals and residents alike enjoy wearing patriotic outfits for the occasion.

This time around for the 35th annual celebrations, it was no different as many people wore different styles of clothing showing off nationalistic pride and appreciation.

On Wednesday 19th September, this reporter interacted with a few people during and after the annual Independence Day parade held at Warner Park Cricket Stadium.

Participants were asked to comment on the significance of the occasion and also to share a patriotic message with others.

This reporter wishes to publicly thank all the participants who took the time out to partake in the nationalistic-styled interview.

Here is what they had to say:

Felicite Caines

I love celebrating Independence Day mostly because this is when you see a lot of people showcasing the patriotic aspect of the country and the way in which they love the country. It’s surprising see a lot of people at the parade this year because two year ago, it wasn’t so much people but it’s good to see a lot of people today. To know that we are independent for 35years; I wasn’t even born as yet but it’s so great to see that our little country is independent and we don’t have to really depend on anyone.
We should always have pride in our country. We should always love our country and show patriotism to our country wearing any of the colours red, green, black, white or yellow-all of them symbolise something so just remember that you are from St.Kitts-Nevis and everywhere that you go to remember that our flag is a great flag that should be showcased.

Pastor Euclid Osborne

Independence is a freedom, a relief from what we used to have many years back. It is the freedom to form our own government without calling on what we used to called crown (authority) and now we can call our own prime minister and other ministers of government without having to go to England and it’s a nice feeling having our own armed forces and other areas as well. All of that is what independence means to me.
I would say to persons to do their very best to do whatever they can to promote our country be it skills, education or other to push our country forward.

Andy, Kelsey and Nikki (medical students residing on St.Kitts)

I really like the way the people come out and show their spirit with all the St.Kitts flags and flag shirts. It reminds me of back home because we have a lot of spirit in America and especially Texas; that’s where we’re from- Texas but yeah it’s really nice to see everybody celebrating together and coming together as one. Keep unity; right now it’s kind of a struggle in America with unity but right now obviously we’re keeping it together and I just hope that everybody can stay on the same page as far as just wanting to live and be happy and love each other. -Andy


I am the only patriotic display lady that St.Kitts-Nevis got. For years I’ve been putting in my national flag design hairstyles for years and nobody ever come and tell me that I’ve been doing a good job or put me in a newspaper. People from Brabados, St. Martin and St. Lucia I have paper clippings from people who come back and show me my hairstyles in magazines and St.Kitts never do something like that but that doesn’t stop me. You ain’t see how I look?!; My shoes came from England specially for this occasion. You see anyone else in a St.Kitts-Nevis leggings?! I have a lot of St.Kitts-Nevis clothes! I have other items like earrings and bags.
This is 35 years. ‘Love, Service, Patriotism and Pride, Independence 35’ is the theme for this year and I love my country very much and I am very patriotic and that’s why I come out in all my glory today.
Yesterday when I came to town, I’ve never seen St.Kitts like that yet; a lot of people-even children-wearing shirts. I thought it would not have gotten anybody in shirts today because the amount of people I saw including people going to work in their colours but I guess because it’s 35 and they want it to be big and then in the park, I come all the time and it has never been so full out. In there was so full; it was amazing.
I love my independence celebrations and I would stay coming to look at the Independence Parade as long as I’m alive. To other nationals, I would say: Don’t stop loving your country because other places have worse problems so you just have to stick with your country and love your people.

Destiny (who spoke with permission by her grandmother)
Happy Independence Day everybody! I feel good dressing up in my Independence Day colours.