Extempo Competition winner King Craig (right) poses for a photo with the Awesome Navigator, the first runner-up (official Sugar Mas 48 photo)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) – The newly-crowned winner of the Extempo Competition King Craig has donated his cash prize of $1500 to the Awesome Navigator who placed first runner-up following the event held on Sunday 24th November at Vibes Beach Bar and Grill located on the Frigate Bay Strip.

The two scored 236 points and 215 points, respectively.

The donated money has been given for assistance regarding Navigator’s medical rehabilitation.

Taking the second-runner-up spot was Lord Payne followed by Jeezy Sparta with the third runner-up place.

The calypsonians were backed by the Legends Band as they belted lyrics made up on the spot.

“Come like some of them fraid me” was part of King Craig’s lyrics as he questioned the whereabouts of two named competitors who were expected to be part of the nine performers to take to the stage.

“Navigator, it’s about me and you…we are de top two,” belted King Craig in a freindly- rivalry mode while on stage with the Awesome Navigator as they threw lyrics at each other.

Awesome Navigator was shot in the neck by a masked person back in December 2005. 

He performed for the extempo competition while seated in a chair.