Inside Scoop: July 21st 2017

  • When Idi Amin hear what de people dem saying bout him and de government, he run quick, quick and carry dem out to lunch by de Marriott and later in de night he carry dem to a restaurant round de fort. He tell somebody dat food always does mek him bazurdee so he know two set a food gonwuk wonders for him.


  • Dey say dat de people dem who was serving dem say dat dey never see anybody eat so much food one time.  Dey say dat dey thought dat he was gon ask for a bag to carry some home.  But he siddungdere and eat off all and mek dem wrap up what left back in de pot dem for him to carry home.


  • He tell somebody dat when he done wid de treasury, he nor nobody for him gon ever have to beg anybody for food again nor dey old clothes to wear. All who come een de cabinet wid more bank account and money dan himcarn ketch up wid him again in life.  If he could tief ten million when he out, imagine how much he going wid now he een.


  • People in de know say dat he bring de man from foreign to tek over de soldier dem because he say dat he carn have two Labour people in charge. He say dat de man did well want a wuk so is anyting he tell do he gon do.  He don’t like people who like to follow law and procedure.  Das why dey does have to resign and go.


  • He say dat all who gone from in de inner circle and from off de board dem and all de accountant wuk dem want to be following law and procedure. He say dat he carn come out like how he went een.  And if he follow law and procedure dat is what gon happen.


  • De frilly mout deputy gone Russia. Dey say dat is somebody he meet on line dat he gone go check out.  He say dat de local people dem who he wid right now too confusionfy and in he position he carn have dem kinda people round him.  He have to stay above de fray.


  • De Marriott man did acting in de big wuk since only he and Ms Whisky did here. Dey say dat he had was to give a big speech to de Chamber.  People who was dere say datdey never hear more streups when he done and somebody ask him if he find out who de White man be yet.


  • School children say dat de lady say dat if she could stay in she office and don’t feel sick, dey could do de same ting too. Dey say dat de Marriott man say dat he son does come visit him and he ain tekeen.  He ain get no hole in he hand like he was on a cross like he did get from de school.  So it must be a different kinda mould to what did up de school.


  • Dey say dat de new park done cost more dan de football, de cricket and de athletic stadium put together and it ain done yet. And dey say dat is all PEP people doing de wuk.


  • De bad wud minister done bring een two more shipment a cement in de last month. Dey say dat when de port people see all small bag a cement going to a certain company, dey know who de cement belong to.