“Idi Amin and he new ‘interest’ gone Canada”


• Idi Amin and he new “interest” gone Canada. Dey say dat de fallen angel get to find out and he blue mudderwex. He say dat he sure dat Idi Amin gon try mek it up to him and send him Canada by he self. But das not what he vote for.

• Idi Amin tell de people dem in Canada dat if Squashie come anywhere near dey meeting, head gon roll. He say dat he ain want nobody asking him bout no missing money, no chiney man nor de murder rate. He want friendly people in dere who gon ask him friendly question.

• Through Idi Amin hear dat Squashie and some other people was waiting for him, he send out invitation. And he had some bouncer by de door so dat nobody coulda get een if dey ain had no invitation.

• Hammy did tell de bad wud minister dat he can’t siddung in de people dem chair but he tell Hammy dat he not moving. Dey gon have to call police for him. He tell Hammy dat Idi Amin done tell him to siddung in de chair and cause a scatterflam.

• Dey say dat when Uncle V see what going on wid de bad wud minister, he tell him dat if he don’t move outta de people dem seat, he gon secede. Das how dey get de bad wud minister to move.

• Two more shipment a cement done come een since dey move de first set Good Friday. But de bad wud minister not using he name any more and he selling it straight to de government. Das why sidewalk building all round de island and ferry terminal and bus terminal. Dey say he tell de QC to tek dat.

• Dey say dat one a de big sponsor dem for de Music Festival threaten to tek back dey money if they ain see no poster up round town. Dey tell de Marriott man dat dey hearing more bout White Sand dan de festival. Das why he run went quick, quick and stick up some small, little poster on he mother place.

• Dey tell de Marriott man dat dey carn understand what kinda 21st Anniversary dis be. Dey tell him dat if he bring back dat waste a time drunking diplomat in de closet to be in charge again, dey not sponsoring nutten else next year.

• Hammy did done have he big speech write up to go on de air after de shooting. Dey say dat he done call he hairdresser to mek sure dat he black dye ain tunning brown. But dey say dat Ms Whisky get to hear what hammy planning and she call him and tell him dat if he only put he foot up ZIZ, he will see how barley grow. So he went up by de hospital go visit but he ain stop long.

• When people see de frilly mout deputy on de tv, dey tired streups. Dey say dat what he say and nutten is de same. People say dat dey want to know how he could protect dem and he carn even protect he self.

• People want to know what mek Walla Walla bawling out bout fake news when is he who show people de way. All when he say how Dubai sending human waste in some big boat to dump it in St. Kitts, people want to know if he never know dat all dat was fake news.

• Idi Amin tell Old Mother Hubbard dat he not coming back till tings cool dung. He carn tek de pressure. So she tell him dat if he don’t come back quick, he mightn’t meet de country. People gon say dat dey very disappointed in him and de government. People gon say dat he ain ready yet. But she tell him tek as long as he want.