Last week we brought to your attention the reported carryings on of BWM at RLB International. We thought that this week we would have been able to move on to other matters. But, what do you know! We have since learned that there was something of a repeat performance just one week later.

It appears as though BWM is saying to our people that he is ‘Mr. Big Stuff’, that he can and will do just as he pleases, and all who do not like it, too bad for them. A case of ‘In Your Face’.

He was put in office to serve us, the people, but with each passing day it becomes more and ever more obvious that he sees matters the other way around. Evidently he considers himself to be the master of the people rather than our servant.

The time is drawing nigh when we, the people, ALL of us, will have to put him in his place, for it seems that no one else is able to do so.

But steady on, dear folk, steady on! There are very strong indications that BWM’s behaviour is even worse. During Tuesday night’s edition of ‘From The Operating Room’, broadcast over WINNFM, new information was put before the public for our consideration.

It was made clear that what was being said were allegations, but we have done our own checks and find that the findings have much more substance to them. In other words, they are more than just allegations.

For example, it has now come to light that BWM truly has a puffed-up and overblown image of himself. Apart from the prime minister, all other ministers of government travel on the people’s business in economy class, but Mr. Big Stuff will have none of that. He is who he is and therefore he, just like the prime minister, MUST ALWAYS travel in First Class.

The way in which he goes about this is as follows. Unable to get his demands met from The Treasury, and also in order to avoid scrutiny (or so he thinks), he turns to a statal corporation and hammers them into paying for ALL expenses of his numerous trips.

We say that he thinks he is avoiding scrutiny, but let him just wait for time!

In a fairly recent case, he had the corporation book his (first class) flight and hotel accommodation, at almost US$400 per night. Upon arrival, he decided that was not good enough for him, so he forfeited that night’s payment and sought out a hotel ‘better suited to his tastes’ and paid them just over US$600 per night. And that was only for the room.

Of course the corporation was made to pay for everything.

Why can’t the responsible person bring BWM under control? Is it a case of condoning the practices by ignoring them and the complaints?  Is it a case of BWM being able to do as he pleases because ”none of them can light a candle of correction to him (BWM)?”

Or can it be a case of that which a certain individual gave in times past is that which he is now getting in return?

We remind the responsible person of the old adage: “What goes around, comes around.” And the coming around is usually far worse (and a great deal more painful) than the going around. We recommend that he (and others) should always remember those warnings.

Then there is the matter of the cost over-runs at the ongoing Port Zante project. We have not yet been able to get a fix on or near the exact amounts, but strong indications are to the effect that they are ‘well to the north’ of ten million US dollars’ worth.

This poses some rather serious problems for the tax payers of this country, and it is our understanding, and that of several others, that BWM is in the midst of it all, that large kick-backs are in play, and that there are others in the regime who are benefitting, big time.

Given that BWM is behaving in his customary autocratic, high-handed and very insulting manner, there is the very real possibility that one or more of the key players in the project could very well become so exasperated that they could, on any given day, ‘down tools’ and, without any notice, leave the project and go elsewhere.

One school of thought is to the effect that members of the regime are bent on provoking that response because they have alternative arrangements in place. Either way the resulting immediate costs will be huge, so too will be the long term cost increases, and that will be placing an even greater burden on our already over-burdened tax paying people.

Not even the wealthy or the big businesses will be able to escape the negative effects of such a tragedy.

ALL of our people need to keep these matters under constant review, and be prepared to hold government to full account in all of these matters.

In the meantime our economy, and many other aspects of our nation’s affairs, are experiencing serious reversals. During last Wednesday’s edition of ‘Issues’ our Comrade Party Chairman, Dr. Terrance Drew, brought to our attention several ways in which our agricultural sector is suffering a number of reversals.

For example, the level of our agricultural output has declined by more than fifteen percent (15%). That has to be most worrying, for one indispensable component of our national development strategy is that of increasing our ability to feed ourselves while reducing our dependence on imports.

That was developed by the Labour administration of our beloved Comrade Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas, implementation was started, and was well underway when the government changed in February 2015. Now it is going in the opposite direction.

It seems as though, just as it is with Donald Trump, everything which these people touch just withers away and dies. We do have to send them packing.

By now everyone is fully aware of the attempts being made by the government ministers to give themselves a hefty pay increase, even though they surreptitiously gave themselves a sizable one very soon after taking up office in 2015.

And even as they are doing this they are seeking to increase the minimum wage by a lousy, rotten 21 cents (21¢) per hour. That is how much they think of our people, while at the same time publicly claiming to love and care for us.

Dear people of St. Kitts and Nevis, we do have to rid ourselves of this regime, otherwise the will destroy us and our beloved country.

From The Labour Spokesman we send you warmest best wishes for a blessed, peaceful and spiritually fulfilling Easter. May God bless us all, each and every one.