Fundraisers flyer of a recently held event

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 2nd October 2020)- Fundraising efforts are still ongoing in seeking to cover the medical expenses for 30-year-old Jahvin Browne, a physically challenged father of two, who is in need of a lifesaving operation to be done overseas.

On Friday 25th September 2020, a fundraiser event was held at the Independence Square which saw breakfast and lunch on sale.

Entertainment included appearances by well-known media personality and DJ Sweet Sister Sensia and also well-known artiste Footsy.

This media house paid a visit to the event that day and observed Jahvin’s mother Denise Browne in busy mode tending to supporters and well-wishers. She had a brief chit-chat with this reporter but was unable to do an interview at the time.

Details gleaned from his Jahvin’s medical profile, found on, informs that he is a 30- year- old amputee father of two young children, Kirow and Jahtisha, “who is in desperate need of funds for surgery as soon as possible for the endovascular repair of his iliac aneurysm before it ruptures to prevent a premature and unnecessary death.”

It is shared that “without this surgery the natural course of an iliac artery aneurysm (IAA) consists of progressive expansion with eventual rupture, which is associated with EXCEEDINGLY high mortality rates.”

As understood, the surgical fees and hospital costs total TT$246,000.00 (US$ 36,356.92).

“The reason the costs are in TT Dollars is that the nearest island with adequate hospital facilities and surgeons qualified to perform the endovascular repair of Jahvin’s iliac aneurysm is Trinidad.
Jahvin is unemployed due to his condition and neither Jahvin or his family have the money to cover his medical expenses and are desperately worried that his Aneurysm will rupture before the funds for his surgery can be raised resulting in his death and leaving his 2 young children fatherless,” the website information outlines.

Interested donors can visit the following link: or search ‘Jahvin Browne’ via