PHOTOS: These two eyewitness photos show an area where the alleged waste water is coming from as well as the path flow to the sea.

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts- Along a western coastal section of the Frigate Bay community, waste water- from a sewage plant holder- that is allegedly flowing into the sea is a growing concern for residents and others alike.

“The seawater is being polluted over at Frigate Bay. Sewage is going to the beach,” claimed a local who brought the matter to the attention of this media house.

That individual who describes himself/herself as a concerned citizen spoke anonymously during a sit down interview this week and showed pictures taken of the alleged polluted area.

Among the nine images include snaps of grey-coloured water going towards the sea from a concrete structure.

Pointing to the images of the discoloured water, the interviewee called upon the Health Department to look into the issue urgently because it appears to be another health scandal in the making relative to St.Kitts-Nevis.

“The government is doing absolutely nothing. It seem as though the department of health is so deteriorating that we might just have to start a new department of health in order to save this one. It really adds to the deterioration that is being experienced by this health department. There are two minister of health but yet the health of the citizens is being threatened by these potential dangerous diseases as the contamination is going into the water where our people go to bathe at morning.”

A call was also made to address the problem in the interest of the tourism industry.

“Secondly, we speak of having a viable tourism industry and in order to protect the tourism product, we need also to protect our beaches from pollutants and possible diseases that comes with raw sewage.”

He/ She bashed the government for having yet another controversial topic in the health sector which is currently being rocked by two separate scandals involving a stem cell research and herpes vaccines trial.

“It’s like we’ve become a scandal-ridden island. This Team Unity government has brought a host of scandals, corruption, nepotism-you name it. Terrible health care, poor health care! We are calling on the health department to wake up out of the deep slumber and save our little nation from further decline and decay. It’s like it’s a broad-based thing now. It’s like blatant disregard for the citizenry of this country and visitors coming in. It really goes to the heart of the leadership of this country. There is no leadership at the top. Therefore, with no guidance and control at the top, everybody is doing as they like. All we are hearing is scandal after scandal.”

He/She added that the same situation is occurring in the Lime Kiln community whereby sewage is running into the sea.

“That beach in Lime Kiln is not used as often as Frigate Bay where people go to bathe every morning which is now is being contaminated with sewage flowing into the waters. However, that situation needs urgent attention nonetheless.”


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