PHOTOS: Video screenshot of the area where gray coloured water is flowing through a pipeline into the sea

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Tuesday, 12th December, 2017)- Public concerns over the possible health pollution to the western coastal section of Frigate Bay due to suspected sewage has hit social media, specifically the popular networking platform Facebook.

A 20 seconds video was shared to the St.Kitts Yacht Club on Wednesday 29th November by an individual named Richard de Ath which shows gray coloured water flowing from a pipeline into the sea.

“The beaches and waters where children play and sail….This pipe was put here yesterday…it is supposed to be gray water but it smells like something else…and it’s not roses!!,” was the caption he put to that particular video which has caused public outrage from many people.

To date the video has received 50 shares and 45 comments.

“Do you know where the pipe is coming from? That’s seriously not good” said one individual while another stated: “Horrible. Ugly and potentially a serious health hazard. I doubt anyone would be liable of course.”

Another person on the side of sarcasm commented: “It should go into a soak away-not directly into the ocean-don’t worry about the children and the tourists or the fish and coral-it is cheaper to repair the damage to them than to put in a cheaper water disposal system.”

This issue was first brought to the attention of this media house last month (November) by an individual who described himself/herself as a concerned citizen.

That individual spoke anonymously during a sit down interview and showed pictures taken of the alleged polluted area.

PHOTOS: Video screenshots of the area where gray coloured water flowing through a pipeline into the sea

It was explained that along a western costal section of the Frigate Bay community, waste water- from a sewage plant holder- that is allegedly flowing into the sea is a growing concern for residents and others alike.

Among the nine images from the area that were presented included snaps of grey-coloured water going towards the sea from a concrete structure.

At that time there was no pipeline system in place for the waste water.

Pointing to the images of the discoloured water, the interviewee had called upon the Health Department to look into the issue urgently because it appears to be another health scandal in the making relative to St.Kitts-Nevis.

More details to be provided in a follow-up report.