Free Autism Clinic Continues for the Federation

PHOTO: Sheryl Rosin PHD, Speech-Language Pathologist/Autism Consultant/Certified Autism Specialist

(EMU) – St. Kitts, June 9th, 2017:  Autism Specialist, Sheryl Rosin Phd. has return to continue her valuable work in diagnosing autistic, or behavioural patterns in children within the Federation.

The clinic which ran from 6th – 8th June in St. Kitts and 9th June in Nevis, assesses and assists families and children who are either autistic or exhibit behavioural anomalies.  The clinic is in collaboration with the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis and the University of Medical Health Sciences.

For the past two and a half years Dr. Rosin has been working with educators and early childhood professionals in the field of autism, the cohort which completed certification last year observes Dr. Rosin as she displays the PLAY Project Therapy which is an evidence-based autism early-intervention program.

“The sensitivity changed,” she proclaimed speaking on the attitudes that members of the community display towards families with an autistic child.  She admitted that during her initial visit, there was resistance not only from the general public but parents or guardians whose child may have been diagnosed with autistic behaviours, but she was quite pleased to inform that those attitudes have now improved.  She revealed, “We are working hard to change the culture and understanding of autism on the island, where there has definitely been improvement.  People recognize what autism is, understand what autism is.”

The Ministry of Education has pledged its support for the continued work in the field of diagnosing and assessing autism in children.  In 2016 the Ministry announced plans to open an autism resource centre in St. Kitts.  Not only will the centre be used to aid children already diagnosed with autism but assist parents/guardians whose children are on the autism spectrum and other behavioural issues.

Dr. Rosin urges parents to speak to one of the certified specialists on island if they are worried that their child has behavioural development issues, she warned, “It’s not easy to understand that there may be something going on with your child developmentally that is different, but, even though there isn’t a cure for autism we can help and we can change the behaviours of your child significantly especially if its identified early.”

The next free autism clinic is scheduled for November 2017.