Fairness, Justice, Transparency, Openness  and Accountability-Just Words!

Let me ask this question: Why were the good deeds of Dr. Martin punished so severely while the wrongful deeds of the evil-doers so richly rewarded? Something does not seem right and when something does not seem right we all may rightfully conclude that there is more in the mortar besides the pestle.

Just a few weeks ago, the leader of Team Unity lied during a speech which he made in the National Assembly. Dr. Harris said that his government does things because it is the right thing to do and not because it is expedient to do so.

That is a lie. It is pressure from Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party that caused Team Unity to take whatever little measure it has taken to establish the Financial Accounts Committee.

The Team Unity government created a unique and historic situation in which there was both a Governor General and an Acting Governor General in office at the same time. When the folly and stupidity of Team Unity made the rounds in public, Team Unity blamed Her Majesty the Queen for the Mischief and confusion the government itself had created.

The aborted Stem Cell Research Project that was going on at the JNF General Hospital in St. Kitts exposed the hopelessness and the helplessness of the Team Unity government. One Minister, the elected Minister told the public that Stem Cell Research had indeed been conducted at the JNF General Hospital. However, the selected Minister for whom nobody voted contradicted the elected Minister and declared that no Stem Cell Research had been ever conducted at the JNF Hospital.

It is obvious that either the elected Minister or the selected Minister is lying. They cannot both be telling the truth.

It has been said that some $10,000,000 in campaign funds donated by Team Unity’s supporters in Canada have been unaccounted for.

Now if Team Unity is so Open and Transparent and Accountable then surely someone in the group should be able to present a clear and simple explanation to account for the missing $10,000,000.