Fairness, Justice, Transparency, Openness  and Accountability-Just Words!

By: Thinking Citizen

It is apparent, even to the most dull and ignorant ones amongst us, that Team Unity has a policy which consists of telling lies to the public during opposition and telling lies to the public while Team Unity is in government.

During its period in opposition Team Unity declared that it is committed to the virtues of Transparency, Openness, Justice and Fairness to all and Accountability in all things.

Since the Team Unity Government has been in power, it has done nothing to demonstrate its commitment to the fore-mentioned virtues and values. As a matter of fact, Team Unity has done the very things that are contrary to all the known principles and virtues of good governance.

Take for instance the case of the shameful and disgraceful treatment that was meted out to one of our most honest and outstanding Civil Servants our CMO Dr. Patrick Martin.

The Team Unity government has shown no Transparency, no Openness, no Justice and no Fairness and no Accountability to the public to whom the government is answerable.

An unauthorized and unlawful Stem Cell Research Project was being carried out at the JNF General Hospital in St. Kitts.

Dr. Martin went to the Hospital and shut down the unlawful Research Project. The immediate response of the Team Unity Government was to send Dr. Martin home on pre-retirement leave.

Up until now no one in the Team Unity government has thought it fit to let the public know why Dr. Martin who has left an unblemished record was treated so shamefully and disgracefully.