Empty Promise About Crime Solving Is Showing

By: Thinking Citizen

The longer the Team Unity government or the government of the “Nine Blind Mice” stays in power the more stupid and foolish becomes its explanations and excuses for its incapacity to deal effectively with the rapidly rising torrent of crime and violence.

Just recently a bright spark member of the Team Unity government declared publicly that the present-day problem of crime and violence took twenty (20) years to develop and so it is unreasonable and unfair to expect the Team Unity government to be able to solve in two (2) or three (3) years a problem that took twenty (20) years to develop into the situation that it is in today.

The crime and violence situation did not come into being twenty (20) years ago. It came into being long before that. It started in the year 1966 when certain subversive elements in St. Kitts and Nevis started to smuggle in illegal guns and bullets in preparation for the planned invasion of St. Kitts on the 10th of June 1967.

Violence erupted again years later with the murder of Police Officer Jude Matthew and Sydney Morris’ son and the son’s girlfriend. It was during this time also that St. Kitts earned the reputation in the international press as “Devil’s Island”.

Dr. Douglas took over the government, tackled the problem of the Devil’s Island without murmur or complaining and St. Kitts turned into a Land of Beauty, Our Country where Peace abounds. One can almost say that Dr. Douglas turned “Devil’s Island” into “Angel’s Island.”

It is easy for the members of the “Nine blind Mice” government to try to blame Dr. Denzil Douglas and his Labour Party for the current level of crime and violence in St. Kitts and Nevis. Sure it is easy to assign blame but in the circumstance it is extremely difficult or near impossible to make the blame stick. After all no one in Team Unity can alter the facts of history.

When Team Unity was in opposition and was conducting its general elections campaign, its members told the entire electorate time after time, both in St. Kitts as well as in Nevis, that Commissioner of Police Walwyn and Prime Minister Douglas and the entire Labour Party government were incapable of solving the troubling crime and violence situation and that Team Unity would solve the problem of crime and violence when the people vote-in Team Unity as their new government.

When   Team Unity was campaigning, no one ever heard its members speak of the slow manner in which crime had developed and consequently it had taken twenty (20) years for crime and violence to grow to become the serious national problem that it has become.