BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 21st May 2021)-Leader of the opposition St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Dr. Denzil Douglas has rated the party’s recently held Constitutional Conference a success.

The event, which was held on Sunday 16th May 2021 was conducted in two parts-namely an opening/public session and a closed/business session.

“The conference has been a very successful one. A lot of the teething problems  we’ve had over the years  have been settled here after three hours of delegates  endorsing them  but almost nine month is revisiting , discussing , and focus group testing. A lot of consultations both within the party and outside of the party, bringing people who have not always been close to the center of the party.

In other words, practicing inclusiveness…This is what I think has been demonstrated here with the successful culmination of these months of hard work,” Dr. Douglas shared during an interview with this media house.”
“It also now signals that after the party has stratified itself at the leadership level, its roles [and] responsibilities, the administrative support level, the party is now ready for battle.”

Party Chairman Dr. Terrance Drew, during the opening session, talked about the objective of the conference.

“What we are doing this afternoon, comrades is that we’re reorganizing to some extent, upgrading and advancing. If you have and you don’t advance it and don’t upgrade and don’t update it becomes obsolete. We are saying that even in the SKNLP that we must take a moment, a time. We must reflect on how we do things, we must reflect on our constitution and must ask those hard questions. Is the constitution as it stands now, it is serving the objective that we have which is to serve our people in a more modern era. That question has to be asked by you and among us as the executive, and the executive is a democratic aspect of our great party. We do not make decisions in isolation. We do not make decisions because you put us as the head and we think that we can do all that we want. We always consult you, the comrades of our party.”

He continued: “We would of have a number of meetings, we would have had branch meetings, zonal meetings, caucuses, we would have formed a number of committees that would have done extensive work over the last months since the last general elections and even before, and so what we have today is the culmination of that work where we will discuss here this afternoon, the changes that are proposed…”

Dr. Drew expressed gratitude saying: “To all of you who would have been involved in some way in making sure that all that work has been completed and that we can be here today, I want to say as the Chairman of this party, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So this executive is a consultative executive who listens to you, and this afternoon we’ll step further and consult with you as we seek to adjust our constitution. No other party in St.Kitts and Nevis can boast of this as the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.”

Photo: A section of the audience in attendance at the Constitutional Conference of the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party held on Sunday 16th May 2021.