Crime, Gangs, Violence & The Future Of Our Young People –  Part (2)

By: Earle Clarke, 06/07/ 2017:

“Being in a minority, even a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth and, if you cling to the truth even against the whole world, you were never mad!” George    Orwell, 1984:

Dear reader, I continue with the conversation concerning our Education system. We have to change from this system which was imposed upon us and invent one which will invoke pride and joy in our young people and one which will teach them about our heroes, transcending politics, telling us the truth about the struggles waged for us to be able enjoy the privileges we enjoy today, for it was not always like how it is. There were fierce struggles, enormous and sometimes grave sacrifices and grim, agonizing and gruelling determination by our heroes. We have to be honest with our youths and tell them the true story, the true history without warping that history.

How can our young people walk tall, how can they avoid the pitfalls of modern day existence if they are not infused with the historical spine and backbone to keep them erect with pride and admiration so that they can tread the straight and narrow pathway of life? How many of our young people know about the heroic struggle of the Working Class 1935 Buckley’s Riots which swept across the whole of the West Indies up to South America and to Mother Africa? Little 68 square miled St. Kitts with a population of less than fifty thousand persons armed only with sticks and machetes but fortified with an impregnable fortress of determination for change the horrific conditions under which they existed, brought about Meaningful Social Changes to the suffering, oppressed, exploited, degraded, dehumanized working class peoples of Great Britain’s (England) colonies and this is not taught in our schools and do you know why?

The answer is simple! It was a Black working class uprising which challenged the authority of the white oligarchs of the day whose rights there was none to dispute, thereby upsetting their privileged way of life, upsetting the apple cart, threatening their security! We, the Black illiterate people of the land rose up against the deplorable conditions under which we lived and toiled; we had the guts, the balls, the gumption to tell Massa that enough was enough and demand that we be treated like the human beings we were created to be!

Massa would never big us up with a HIGH FIVE, for challenging his authority over us, for making him quake in his boots? Since he did not praise our HEROIC EFFORT when he ruled over us, now that we are so-called Independent, we should re-write our BRAVE HISTORY; we should be infusing this knowledge of our history within the deep recesses of the minds of our young people from birth; the history of their forebears must enthuse them with pride and dignity in themselves, destroying the myth that they are an inferior class of people; they are not! They are the descendants; they are the off springs, of courageous warriors who fought for their rights against the odds which were stacked against them. They should be impregnated with the knowledge that the blood of these fearless freedom fighters course through their veins.

They in turn, should now be willing to sacrifice their lives so that their off springs of many generations to come, would enjoy a better and a higher standard of living than they ever enjoyed. But how many of us know about this historical happening, eh? I must be fair in my presentation of this historical event and pay tribute to Lord Moyne who was sent out to the islands to investigate the CAUSE of this Uprising. He was gravely touched by the horrific social conditions which abounded when he visited St. Kitts. He must have been a man of conscience, who shuddered when confronted with the sub-human, animal like and deplorable conditions which existed then and which he personally witnessed, to have written such a compelling report for change in the living conditions of the masses.

We could well understand the reason for not instilling this history in us by our Massa’s for they were greatly incensed that Lord Moyne would make recommendations for them to treat us better than the cattle which pulled the sugar cane carts. When Lord Moyne submitted his report to Mother England under whose rule we were subjugated, they dilly dallied with it, unwilling and afraid to release it for publication, for fear that it would fall into the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, for, here was Hitler screaming his lungs out about the Supremacy of the Aryan race (Nazi white or Caucasian and not Jewish)