For all the disparaging comments that Timothy Harris used to allow, perhaps even encourage his supporters to make about Dubai and the Citizenship by Investment Programme, I never thought that Team Unity would now be running to the same Dubai to look money.

Nothing good was in Dubai. Nothing good could come out of Dubai. In fact, Team Unity, while in opposition went to far as to say that Prime Minister Hon. Dr Denzil Llewellyn Douglas had gone to Dubai to negotiate with the authorities there to bring and dump their human faeces in our federation’s sea water.

Now the same Dubai that was ridiculed by Timothy Harris and his gang of misfits has become the financial cornerstone of the Government Treasury.
And if we were to examine everything that Timothy Harris and the rest of them made an issue when they were in opposition, they have made complete one hundred and eighty degree turns and are saying and doing everything that they had previously condemned.
I cannot be convinced that Timothy Harris did not know that he would have changed his position on every matter that was a platform issue for him.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme.The Sugar Diversification Fund (SIDF).The Land for Debt Swap.Crime.Just to name a few.

Timothy Harris fully well knew that the programmes that the Douglas-led Labour Party administration had introduced to bring money into the country or to reduce the debt were sound but they could not afford for the electorate to recognise this.

So Dubai was the worse place in the world to go. When one bad apple managed to slip through among the thousands of good apples that invested into our programme, which was the envy of the whole world, Timothy Harris and his first responders made it seem we were selling passports like black pudding on a Saturday after to foreign crooks and criminals.

Now where did Timothy Harris travel to as part of his England trip? And who travelled with him? And how come selling passports is no longer an undesirable activity to the extent that family members have now set up companies to do the very same thing?

The hypocrisy is suffocating. The deception is overwhelming.

Timothy Harris and his gang were to “done wid” the Citizenship by Investment Programme as soon as they got into power.

Three years later, all of us are still waiting.

Timothy Harris and his gang were to put the money from the SIDF into the consolidated funds.

Three years later, all of us are still waiting.

Timothy Harris and his gang were to “done wid” the Land for Debt Swap as soon as they got into power.

Three years later, all of us are still waiting.

Timothy Harris and his gang were to end crime as soon as they got into power because crime was happening because Douglas was in charge.

Instead, the commissioner of police has been told that the “buck stops with him” because Timothy Harris and his gang knew all the time that they had no clue how to end any crime.
So three years later, Douglas is not in charge, but there is no end in sight to crime.

On ISSUES with the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, Dr. Drew made an interesting observation. He said that all the persons who had assisted Timothy Harris and his gang to form the government, once they had any difference of opinion, any disagreement, they were called the most derogatory names possible and discarded like used toilet paper.

He went on to warn that if Team Unity could treat who had helped them in such a disrespectful manner, that concoction was to be avoided at all costs.

And Dr. Drew couldn’t be more correct.

If their creators, their first responders, their foot soldiers, their inner circle are all now like dirty “pampers” to Team Unity, Team Unity is to be avoided at all costs.

The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party is not perfect, but we exist “For the Good That We Can Do”.

Many who left us want to come back and we must welcome all back with those caring hands of Labour.