Cedric Liburd

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Thursday 30th September 2021)-Former Parliamentary Representative of the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) for Constituency Eight Cedric Liburd has given a response a recent social media article which untruthfully claims indifferences about the party’s leader Dr. Denzil Douglas between him (Liburd) and Party Chairman and constituency caretaker Dr. Terrance Drew.

“On Monday 27th September 2021, I received an article on my WhatsApp stating ‘More Pressure for Dr. Drew.’ The article in its first paragraph states “Former Minister says he strongly supports Denzil Douglas bid to remain party leader at November’s party conference’,” he expressed in a statement.

That article was posted on Facebook by an account, “Tim Third-Term”, whose writer(s) posts articles, comments, videos and other material in support of the Timothy Harris-led government.

Liburd pointed to a specific part in that article which falsely paints a picture about a face to face conversation with Dr. Drew which talks about “Cedric Liburd told Dr. Drew to his face he will not support him if he try backstab Douglas as leader…”

In response he has stated: “I, Cedric Liburd, wish to state that I have not made any such statement on the election of a new leader for the party therefore wish to disassociate my name with the article.

He went on to say: “The only time I have been on record with the selection of candidates and the leader of the party was at the last party conference in May where I recommended under any other business that the next conference should be held within ninety days (90) days to conclude all reports and the selection of all candidates and the election of the leader of the party. My recommendation was not accepted.”

“I look forward to the party conference in November as we prepare to take the necessary decisions for the party to regain the government at the next General Elections on behalf of the people of St.Kitts-Nevis,” Liburd added.

Dr. Terrance Drew

While Dr. Terrance Drew has not responded to this specific matter, he has, however, addressed the general topic of fake pages attacking the SKNLP leadership.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday 22nd September, he said in part:  “Recently fake pages in support of Dr. Timothy Harris have been desperate in seeking to divide the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.”

He further bashed such ways to “bring division to the Labour Party by way of desperate futile attacks through fake facebook pages to undermine the SKNLP.” whilst adding “However, the Labour Movement is STRONG and UNITED.”

“The Party has always stood with its democratically elected leaders. The Party is UNITED with its democratically elected Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas and will remain UNITED with any other democratically elected leader in the future,” Dr. Drew commented.

Dr. Drew also appealed to SKNLP party supporters saying: “I am appealing to our comrades to not be deceived by the fake pages pushing the deceptive agenda. I reject any suggestion of division.”