By Earle Clarke, 10th June, 2017.

“Men of genuine excellence in every station in life, men of industry, of integrity, of high principle, of sterling honesty of purpose—command the spontaneous homage of mankind. It is natural to believe in such men, to have confidence in them. All that is good in the world is upheld by them and, without their presence in it, the world would not be worth living in: Martin Luther King jnr.

Dear reader: I would like to encourage you to borrow a magnifying glass or borrow your neighbour’s thick lensed glasses to assist me in the search for the materials of which our present day leader is made, so that we can conclude unanimously, why there is, cannot be, and will never be any positive development in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis. On numerous occasions I have advised my readers that we all give off vibrations of positivity or negativity and these vibrations are easily picked up by those with whom we come into contact. We should also be aware that our actions of yesterday could affect us negatively or positively tomorrow, so that we have to be careful about what we say and do today.

As we look at the antics of our leader yesterday, we observe a man who was impregnated with personal ambition and who played people against people like in a game of chess, in order to achieve that personal ambition of becoming the leader of the land – nothing more, nothing less. His impregnable heart and soul bore no love, no compassion and no thought for those who failed to use a magnifying glass to screen the man. Did they not pick up the vibrations exuding from him that he was all of self and none of thee? Didn’t they detect that this man was an imposter?

That his heart and soul were fortified only with the personal ambition of bulldozing his way through the political quagmire to become the third leader of an Independent Federation and, upon obtaining that goal, the country and its people could go to hell and burn up? Were we so blinded with hatred for Dr. Douglas and anything Labour, that we failed to see these signals which were perspiring from the man forcefully in heavy drops?

His very utterances should have sent up RED FLAGS of warning that this man meant no good for the Federation and its people! “Our CBI Programme provides terrorists with our passports and citizenship?” “St. Kitts is poorer than Haiti!” Do you remember these comments? Did we assail him on these erroneous and unjustified attacks on the integrity of our country? Didn’t we laugh and clap and thought it to be true when he uttered them? Did we chastise him for uttering those treacherous comments about us and our country?

We should have objected vehemently and beeped sirens of displeasure when he foisted the concoction called the unity mirage upon us, claiming that those land filled materials were the best crew he could muster and that they were worthy representatives our beautiful paradise of a Federation? Church bells, the JNF General Hospital ambulance sirens, the Fire Brigade truck sirens should all have blared loudly when this unworthy and ragged crew boarded to man our Ship of State. Were we in a drunken stupor when all these shenanigans were taking place right in front of our very eyes? Instead of taking cognizance of these happenings, we willfully and totally ignored all of them; we stifled our consciences, we buried our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and this is why, today, we and our Federation are in dire straits!