Another Tourist Hiker Gets Lost, Injured At Mount Liamuiga

Photo: Clay Chastain gives a thumbs up while recovering in a hospital in the US after leaving the island (Photo taken by his wife)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) – A 21-year-old male visitor to St.Kitts who recently went hiking alone was found injured after getting lost while trying to explore Mount Liamuiga which comes months after a similar incident involving another tourist.  

Found was Jayme Houle of Canada.

Police received a report on Wednesday 20th November 2019 at about 5:45 p.m. that someone was lost at Mount Liamuiga.

As informed, in response, a joint search and rescue team comprising members of the Police Force, the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force, the St. Kitts-Nevis Fire and Rescue Service, and the Emergency Medical Service was formed immediately. The search began for 21-year-old Jayme Houle of Canada who had gone hiking alone. He had fallen down the mountain side, got injured and lost. 

The next day (Thursday 21st November), Houle was spotted in the Newton Ground area and was first taken to the Pogson Medical Centre in Sandy Point by Police Officers and then transferred to the Joseph N. France General Hospital in Basseterre for further medical attention. 

Earlier this year in July, newly-weds on the honeymoon (Clay and Acaimie Chastain of the US) experienced a hiking mishap after the husband got an injurious fall at Mount Liamuiga.

As gathered, the couple hiked two miles up to the dormant volcano and Clay fell some estimated 50 feet inside the volcano after wanting to get a better view of the lush greenery. It is suspected that a rope snapped.

He reportedly suffered a concussion and cracked vertebra, a fracture in his skull and loss of hearing in his right ear.

On the heels of that July 2019 incident, this media conducted an exclusive interview with tour guide professional who spoke under the condition of being nameless as he touched on the importance of being accompanied by a trained and qualified tour guide certified by the St.Kitts Tourism Authority.

Additionally, he warned against going about such outdoorsy adventures alone.

 “For safety, protection of the environment and the whole enhancement of the experience, it’s better you go with a guide and never go by yourself,” he cautioned.

In further encouraging individuals to think about their safety, he expressed: “One of the things about these trained guides is that they have to keep themselves fit and healthy and they also take all of the different security precautions and they also have their first aid kit and everything to administer, and the protocols to administer these things. This is how deep it is so if you are thinking about going by yourself forget about doing so.”

Stolen Hotel Items Found In Communities, Some Still Missing

Ramada St.Kitts (July 2019 taken photo sourced from

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) Police are reporting that five persons are in custody following a joint search operation in which items stolen from the Ramada Resort-located in the community of St.Paul’s- were recovered over the past weekend while some other items are still missing.

Information coming from the Police Public Relations Department indicates that searches were done on several premises in West Farm and St. Paul’s by police officers and soldiers on November 23, 2019.

Reportedly, the items found include doors, air conditioning units, toilet sets, tins of paint and a face basin. 

According to police, the break-in at the Ramada Resort was reported earlier this month. 

Individuals who are in possession of any of the items stolen, or know the whereabouts of any of the items are being encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigation Department at the Dieppe Bay Police Station by dialing 465-7261, their nearest Police Station or the crime hotline at 707.

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Well-Known Senior Citizen Applauded For Helpfulness Towards Nation Building

William Dore (right) presents a cheque to Winston 'Zack' Nisbett (Spokesman Snap)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) – At age 94, William Dore- affectionately known as Willie-could share many stories and lessons about life but he is not one to brag about his helpfulness towards others since quietly making contributions to uplift others who are doing inspirational and commendable work within the community and country is part of his personality.

On the receiving end of his generosity most recently is well-known Cultural Preservationist Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett who has gotten a financial donation towards the operation of his cultural music band which consists of children who play guitars, banjos and fifes while Nisbett usually plays the shak-shak.

Nisbett is also the keeper of the Zack’s Historical and Cultural Museum located at Buckley’s site in Basseterre.

Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett seen with participants of the 2019 summer music workshop in August this year following the graduation ceremony (Spokesman Snap)

On Monday this week (25th November 2019), he (Nisbett) organised a spotlight recognition ceremony to express his gratitude at Dore’s home located at Shadwell Gardens where a  section of his living room wall is decorated with numerous plaques capturing his longstanding humanitarian efforts to his community, nation and we even further afield.

“I know him (Dore) as a head teacher, inspector of schools and other areas; a dignified personality. People tend to look at people and take them for granted not knowing the quality of life, and the quality of life is not money (but rather) it’s from your heart and what you do from within your heart, and all my work I’ve done is from my heart. What I do is from compassion. I didn’t know it have men with this kind of heart, and this is good because it shows to St.Kitts-Nevis…,” he told.

Nisbett, who was the first St. Kitts-Nevis awardee of the FirstCaribbean International Bank Unsung Hero programme in 2005, added: “I couldn’t help from doing this today. This to me is one of the biggest things in my life. I am so overjoyed. Mr. Dore says he don’t like publicity and these kind of things but I like transparency because even when I host the annual Easter Monday Aquatic Sports, I go on the radio and I publicise the contribution of the sponsors. This is a wonderful achievement and I would like the good Lord to keep Mr. Dore for a next hundred years,” he added.

Attending the event was the middle man contact of the contribution in the person of Rev. Canon Dwane Cassius of the Pro-Cathedral of St. George (formerly the St. George’s Anglican Church) who reached out to Nisbett on behalf of his church member Dore.

He expressed that it was a privilege to share in the small but very meaningful exchange that day.

“For brother Zack and Brother William to get to this point where they were able to connect and one can offer help…and brother William has been able to bless brother Zack in more than one ways I would say because as he has been indicating it goes beyond money and it’s a very good expression of good, sound Christian practice. You don’t have to be directly benefitting from something or someone in order to donate…”

He added: “Brother Dore has always had that sense of sharing; has been quite a philanthropist and so he continues up to as long as God will have him and enable him. It’s for me a double pleasure having one of our church members and a longtime friend way back to my diaper days (growing up in Carty Allley) to have both men linking up in this way and being able to benefit from each other in this way…”

Zack’s music band is expected to visit Dore’s home during the Christmas season.

King Craig Gives Away Prize Money For Charitable Cause

Extempo Competition winner King Craig (right) poses for a photo with the Awesome Navigator, the first runner-up (official Sugar Mas 48 photo)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) – The newly-crowned winner of the Extempo Competition King Craig has donated his cash prize of $1500 to the Awesome Navigator who placed first runner-up following the event held on Sunday 24th November at Vibes Beach Bar and Grill located on the Frigate Bay Strip.

The two scored 236 points and 215 points, respectively.

The donated money has been given for assistance regarding Navigator’s medical rehabilitation.

Taking the second-runner-up spot was Lord Payne followed by Jeezy Sparta with the third runner-up place.

The calypsonians were backed by the Legends Band as they belted lyrics made up on the spot.

“Come like some of them fraid me” was part of King Craig’s lyrics as he questioned the whereabouts of two named competitors who were expected to be part of the nine performers to take to the stage.

“Navigator, it’s about me and you…we are de top two,” belted King Craig in a freindly- rivalry mode while on stage with the Awesome Navigator as they threw lyrics at each other.

Awesome Navigator was shot in the neck by a masked person back in December 2005. 

He performed for the extempo competition while seated in a chair.

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), today, there is a constant flow of machinery, chemicals and processes from developed and developing countries.

Hello! This transfer of knowledge is not confined only to technology (the application of practical or mechanical science to industry or commerce) itself and my concern is provide information  in this paper on the  effect of the technology on Occupational Safety Health (OSH) and  the working lives of all those involved.

Workers! I hope you are hearing me and stop acting simple. The protection of us the workers against exposure to change radiation (the emission of energy as particle (tiny piece of matter) in the workplace has assumed increasing importance, and in my view, the growing number of work situations in which such radiation is found. So my regular OHS writing is intended to be a practical guide. It will be of interest to public authorities and services employers and workers.

Let’s move on a bit as I say something about unconsciousness (not “aware”) of one’s action or behaviour. Let’s use Head Injuries as an example. Any blow to the head heavy enough to cause a bruise or a scalp wound could also fracture the skull. Moreover, whether or not the skull is fractured, the blow could result in a condition of unconsciousness known as concussion (brain injury caused by blow or fall). Seriously, my mother always warned me to “avoid getting blows to the head.”

Also, concussion can result from indirect force such as falling from a height and landing heavily on your feet or by a direct blow to the jaw.

Hear this: I am now saying the time has come for you the motorcyclists, footballers, construction workers to see that head gears or hard hats are important please! Please to wear them especially you in St.Kitts-Nevis. The brain is in the head, it is the central exchange which controls the rest of the system. It is a delicate structure of mass nerves tissue and is encased (enclose or cover completely by the skull.

*Note Well* All I am saying these priorities must involve government authorities, factory inspectors, work managements and trade unions  in addition to various organisation which may involve with emergency planning. Don’t time in mourning; organise!

Continue to read. Thank you. Until next week.

Visitor Dies In Two-vehicle Crash

The extensively damaged taxi bus

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 29th November 2019) –A tourist has been killed while his/her car passenger is hospitalised and a taxi driver discharged from the hospital following a two-vehicle crash at the South East Peninsula this week.

The car rental that the visitor was driving

An autopsy will be scheduled to determine the exact cause of death of the visitor whose identity has not been disclosed as yet.

Police say the traffic fatality which happened at about 6:30 p.m on Wednesday 27th November 2019 involved motor omnibus TA 499, which is owned by Selmoth Rawlins of Old Road and was being driven by Raheem Desuza of Lime Kiln, and motor car RA 250, which is owned by Hertz Car Rental and was being driven by a visitor to the island. 

Photos received by this media house show both vehicles extensively damaged with the rental vehicle seen in a bushy area and the taxi bus on the road.

The circumstances are that TA 499 was heading towards Frigate Bay and RA 250 was heading towards the end of the Peninsula when both vehicles collided. 

Reportedly, the front seat passenger of the car and the driver of the bus were taken to the Joseph N France General Hospital by the Emergency Medical Service.

According to The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene by the District Medical Officer.

The driver of the taxi bus sustained minor injuries.  He was treated and discharged. The passenger of the car underwent surgery and is warded in a critical condition.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), hear this: If these articles on the above topic have any effect on us then I hereby encourage you to read The Labour Spokesman regularly.

Of course many of us lead very busy lives. However, we cannot afford to let anything-even legitimate responsibility- disrupt our bible reading and this newspaper. Workers (People) please make time to read both (Bible and newspaper), whether at the start of your day or at the end of somewhere in between, applying yourselves is wisdom.   

Hello! Practical Safety and Health begin its life as an excellent account elements (one of fundamental component OSH written for all workers (people) by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its instructors in persons such as Dr. Alan LeServe, George De Peana and Sir Frank Walcott.

I find this topic to be so important that I will continue to write because it is considered that the highest degree (extreme) and fine quality (delicacy) of skills is needed.

Before I close, let me say something more. I believe you realise how hot the sun is. I am going to say a little about what is called sun burn. Workers, please note over exposure to the sunrays without adequate protection can result in widespread superficial burns (not through and sometimes blistering). Your skin will be very red and feel very hot. If severe, it can be extremely painful. Always remember sunrays are powerful enough to cause sunburn. It is said by older folks that sun rays that penetrate the clouds are reflected off by bright surfaces such as white walls or concrete.

Pleas pay attention to  three actions that can be taken:

1.      Tell the causality to move into the shade and drink plenty water

2.      If the sunburn is mild special sun creams can be applied to relieve the pain

3.      If you are in any doubt, seek medical advice from masons, carpenters, agricultural workers. I am speaking to all of you specifically

I am closing now but this I will continue to say which is very important: Prevention is better than cure. Never go out in the sun without protective sun screen creams and always expose the body gradually. Only small areas of your body should be uncovered for short periods of time.

*Note Well* Leadership is the capacity to influence.

Influence-To have an effect upon factors (actions or events) so as to persuade or induce.

Thank you for reading

Officer Hodge Shares Thoughts On Court Matter

Constable Lennox Hodge (center) and his lawyers Sylvester Anthony (left) and Angelina Sookoo-Bobb are all smiles this week following the court appearance

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 22nd November 2019)– This week, the controversial 2018 traffic offense matter linking allegations about political victimisation concerning suspended Constable Lennox Hodge of the St.Christopher and Nevis Police Force was tossed out of court due to insufficient  evidence against him, according to a ruling by Senior Magistrate Reynald Benjamin.

At a sitting on Tuesday 19th November 2019, a no-case submission from the officers legal team comprising of Sylvester Anthony and Angelina Sookoo-Bobb was accepted which saw victory for their client.

This media house had an exclusive interview with officer Hodge.

Read below for details:

REPORTER: How are you feeling following the outcome of the court matter this week?

HODGE: How I feel am feeling? Real happy; justice has been served and I am really grateful that this matter is ending after been home for 14 months on half pay of my salary. I am just excited that it’s all over now. My mind is just set free and ready to continue my duties as a police officer.

REPORTER: How long have you been a police officer and what inspired you to join the force?

HODGE: I have been a police  officer  over 18 years  and what inspired me to become a police officer, from since I was a boy I wanted to be a police to protect  my community  and make a difference in people’s lives.

REPORTER: How have you been feeling having been off duty (suspended) for this length of time?

HODGE:  While off duty all this was a real bad feeling because when I was on duty, every morning I would visit the schools in Nevis and talk to the kids and teachers and it was real nice. The day when I got suspended, it hurt me badly knowing that I can’t see the kids; I can’t do my normal things. I would also go and to do house to house with people from the communities. Knowing that I could not protect and serve my beloved people patrol the streets at nights, the suspension did lot to me emotionally. I miss what I love to do I have no malice in my heart for anyone. I just want to continue to protect and serve my people and my country on a whole.

As understood, Officer Hodge who hails from the community of St. Paul’s in St.Kitts was transferred to Nevis in early part of 2015 after the general elections and was working in Nevis until he got suspended.

He was charged for Driving Without a Valid and Unexpired Driver’s License and for Driving Without Insurance on September 20, 2018-the day after the nation’s Independence Day. He had received bail in the sum of $10,000.

The opposition St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) holds the view that officer Hodge was targeted because of the close relation he has with opposition leader Dr.Denzil Douglas, the immediate former Prime Minister, whom officer Hodge reportedly drove to the Warner Park grounds for the annual ceremonial parade on 19th September 2018.

“What is more questionable is that Hodge was not stopped while he was driving. Hodge works in Nevis. He was off on Independence Day [19th September]. He was off duty when he was back at his job on the next day. He was called to down to St. Kitts in his uniform to be arrested for driving with an expired license the day before,” commented Party Deputy Leader Marcella Liburd during a press conference held in September 2018.

Liburd, who is a lawyer by profession, also questioned the means and procedures that was used to garner information about Hodge’s license since he was not stopped while driving.

“…More outrageous… How is it that they know his license was expired? They were determined that Hodge should be punished for driving Dr. Douglas!”, she said also.

When asked during the interview about whether or not he thinks he was victimised, officer Hodge was tight- lipped and referred to his lawyer in getting a reply for such.

As to what will happen next in relation to his job, however, he is in waiting mode for the time being.

Sugar Mas 48 Officially Opens

Section of the crowd gatherd for the opening of Sugar Mas 48. Seated at the front right to left- ambassadors for the National Carnival Queen Pageant, National Carnival Swimsuit Competition and National Carnival Mr. GQ Competition (official Sugar Mas 48 photo)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 22nd November 2019) –
 In observation of this year’s winning theme ‘Why Wait? Let’s Celebrate Sugar Mas 48.’, the annual festivity was officially opened on Friday 15th November 2019 before a massive crowd gathered at The Circus in the heart of the island’s capital Basseterre.

Among the highlights of the night saw the official introduction and sponsorship sashing of 24 contestants collectively for the National Carnival Queen Pageant, National Carnival Swimsuit Competition, National Carnival Mr. GQ Competition and National Carnival Talented Teen Pageant.

Veteran masquerader John James Thomas was introduced as the Grand Carnival Marshall. Members of the audience were also treated to designs of the Junior Carnival costumes paraded onstage by tiny tots to teens.

Sub committee chairpersons for the various event were introduced by Carnival Chairman Noah Mills.

Mills, during his opening remarks for the event, disclosed that registration numbers for troupes have increased this time around.

“We’re delighted to announce that all of the registration numbers have been up. What is going to be a grand parade route which would serve and would bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people. [For] J’ouvert we also have an expansion where the number of troupes will increase, and across J’ouvert and grand parade for the first time you will see a t-shirt mas. This year we are hoping to bring back even brass bands on the street as well as steel pan.”

Mills continued: “We’ve also extended invitations where I’ve been informed that Chatter Box- an Antiguan brand- is coming to St.Kitts with a shipload of people for J’ouvert so we the Kittitian s and Nevisians will be showing them how we party for J’ouvert. Additionally, because of our networking regionally, we’ve been travelling to Trinidad to Antigua. In the summer if this year we took masquerades and Cayon Bull and Huggins Masquerade to Antigua. They were able to perform live on the streets (and) live onstage. We also took Rucas and the More Band to (French) St.Martin) and this year we’re welcoming a delegation from Antigua including the Minister Culture, the Director of Culture, the Chairperson of Carnival and a folkloric troupe and that is because all of the networking that the Ministry, the Department (of Culture) and the Carnival Committee have been putting their heads together and ensuring that Carnival is no longer a local product but an international and cultural and tourism product.”

Ambassador Jonel Powel gave remarks on behalf of the Minister of Culture and Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards who was reportedly off island at the time.

He described the new slogan as a “fitting theme for this year’s carnival” whilst applauding “the bright spark of Ms.Janet Johnson.”

 “And so tonight the wait is over. We’re here to open carnival 2019 2020, Sugar Mas 48,” he commented.

 A mas player, Powell encouraged members of the public to “to join me and everybody else. It is truly something to behold. It is a special experience. Many say that St. Kitts has the best Jouvert in the Caribbean and I believe that, and we need to maintain that standard

 Additionally, he thanked sponsors for coming onboard noting “Alot of this cannot happen just by the contributions of the federal government but we need the participation if our sponsors…”

 He also expressed gratitude to the carnival competition participants as well as event volunteers.

 “We expect a greater and better carnival thank before. I was happy to hear the comments of the chairman in terms of increased participation…,” he added.

 The contestants of the National Carnival Queen Pageant in the order of appearance are: Ambassador Jacynthia Tesheira (Miss St Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank), Tywana Cranston (Miss SKN Development Bank), Kalia Daniel (Miss SCASPA), Nakita Thibou (Miss Universal Caribbean University), Hardai Baley (Miss Carib Brewery SKN Ltd.) and Sheniqua Cannonier (Miss KOSCAB Ltd.).

The six swimsuit delegates: Tasia Jones (The Soup Café), Onique Phipps ( Solid Waste Management),T’Quani McDowell (Carib Brewery SKN Ltd.), Talisha Laudat (Universal Caribbean University), Avis Glasgow (St. Kitts Nevis Development Bank) and Uniqueka Estridge (Royal St. Kitts Hotel).

The six GQ competitors: Xavier Sam ( Royal St. Kitts Hotel), Kemar Bigby (Chameleon Media),Brandon Cox (Vallie’s Tent Rental), Earl Brotherson (Universal Caribbean University),St. Clair Rawlins ( ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation) and Brian Perdereaux ( The Cable).

Talented Teen ambassadors: Shakira Browne of ICCS ( New Generation Engineering), Shanika Johnson of WAHS (Allies Construction), Ashley Wilson of CEMSS ( KOSCAB Ltd.), Shai-Ann Tyson of GSS (Grey’s Legal Chambers), Quniecia Gilbert of CHS (Royal St. Kitts Hotel) and Xyarra Wilson of BHS (Dr. Duane Hendrickson).

Notably, for the sashing of ambassadors (with the exception of the teenage competitors), a few participants were chosen in advance by their employer while the others pick from a raffle bowl in getting their sponsor.

The event climaxed with the female calypso finals with Miss Independent securing a back to back win.

‘Bad Man’ Tune Wins In Female Calypso Show

Queen Independent being crowned by Carnival Chairman Noah Mills while first runner-up Lady Diva (right) and second runner-up Queen Kibie look on (official Sugar Mas photo)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 22nd November 2019)- With a score of 417 points Queen Independent (Karisia Willett) beat her seven competitors to secure a back to back win in the Female Calypso Show finals held on Friday 15th November 2019 at The Circus during the opening event for Sugar Mas 48.

First  runner-up was Lady Destiny (daughter of King Mico from Nevis) singing  ‘Me Father Send Me’ which earned her 387 points while following closely behind at second runner-up position with 386 points was Queen Kibie (older sister of Queen Independent) who sang ‘Mind  You Own Business’.

Queen Diva captured the third runner-up spot with 375 points for ‘Not A Wonderful World’.

With a high energy performance of thought-provoking social commentary through music with the tune ‘Bad Man Point Of View’, Queen Independent emerged onstage in a prison outfit exhibiting a male character (KJ Willett) caught up in the judicial system for murder.

The setting for her singing artistic testimony was in a court room, appearing before a judge for final sentencing in recapping what went wrong in being brought up as a child including having a dysfunctional family.

Queen Independent in portraying the message, dressed in a jail outfit, bellowed at the beginning: “When I was young, my mommy told me when you grow up, you going be just like you Daddy! When I was small my mommy told me you got tricks and traits that remind me of you Daddy. …Daddy was a bad man used bang mommy wid he left hand, grab and hold her round ah she neck! For my mommy, daddy had no respect!…”

“Step by step I became my father’s son. Why blame me now? In his footprints I did follow,” she included also.

In addressing her mom, she sang “You never took the time to help me grow” whilst the backup vocalists sang out “Why blame me now?”

“Mommy your tears have me in shock; even you used to lime on de block! You never said ‘NO’! You never correct me!” were more lyrics that followed.

A teacher who also said “when you grow up, you going be a nobody” and “you gon end up in de cemetery” was also told about.

“Teacher, look what you helped to make me!” the acting songstress belted.

“If a community raises a child then who raises a bad man?” was a question she asked without singing it.

‘KJ Willett’ also recalled a neighbour who said to him that “community should raise a child” and a pastor who said “God takes care of every little girl and boy.”

 “But community failed me and my neighbors looked blindly…”, came more lyrics.

“Wake up! It is time to put our children first or else they all would end up just like me jail cell telling a story,” was the advice given by the bawling prisoner who while sharing more tips about raising chidren in the right way also told “This is my little view! I am a bad man talking to you!”

The other four competitors were Brown Sugar (Price Of Peace), Lil Miss (Vote For Me), Lady B (Age Of Consent) and Genesis (Where).

The calypsonians were backed by the Grand Masters Band.

The  reigning Calypso Monarch from Antigua and Barbuda, Queen Thalia, was the guest performer.

Queen Independent is also the reigning Senior Calypso Monarch.