PHOTO: A glimpse of the parade and Last Lap festivity

By: Drizel Hanley

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (APRIL 2018)- Nu Vybes Band International, the Kollision Band, colourful costumes combined with hundreds of revelers and spectators took over the streets of Sandy Point yesterday afternoon (Saturday 7th April) for the Last Lap jam session- the second to last activity before the festival officially closes.

The parade and last lap event started at Cleverly Hill and made its way through the streets of Sandy Point displaying a range of costumes and local folklore.

At the front of the parade was the folkloric aspect of the event which featured masquerades and clowns and intermingled in the crowd were several mock-a-jumbies.

Women and men were seen enjoying themselves to the pulsating rhythms of the various sound systems.

The true test came after brief heavy rain threatened to bring the event to an untimely and abrupt end. Some revellers sought shelter under the stationary trailers which carried the bands while others simply gyrated in the cooling showers.

The revellers went from one end of Sandy to the next before heading in the opposite direction and ending at the basketball court.

This publication observed that officers of District ‘B’ were on hand to maintain law and order during the event and members of the Drug Squad travelled aback of the jam queue.

To this end, the Black San’ committee is inviting all families to come out to the annual SL Horsfords’ Family Carnival Fun Day on April 15th, which the final event of the Black San’ Bang A Lang festival.

It promises to be a fun-filled event with lots of prizes to be won, eating competition and lots more.

“Our festival cannot end without spending time with our families as we believe with strong families, we will yield stronger communities,” a committee representative said.

The festival is organized by the group of community change-makers, SPIRIT, Originally un-veiled in November 2010, Black San’ rolled out sensational events, all having a unique twist, including educational and family-oriented events as well as entertainment and care-free fetes!

Financing for the event include sponsorships (cash & kind), community pledges, merchandising and gate receipts, in addition to partnering with the relevant government entities.